Gem Expert Paul Deasy, A QVC And HSN Veteran, Appears With Jewelry Line On ShopNBC, Sans Wife Judy Crowell

Fans of Paul Deasy, a veteran QVC and HSN host who now has a jewelry line at ShopNBC, can tune in to see him Tuesday at noon and 7 p.m. That guy gets around!

Deasy, who wrote a book called “Colored Gemstones,” has a collection called Gem Insider on ShopNBC.

Deasy was first a host on QVC, where he met the woman who later became his wife, QVC host Judy Crowell. Then they both left QVC and turned up at HSN as hosts.

All of a sudden, Deasy was gone from HSN, and Crowell soon followed.

Then Deasy showed up at ShopNBC not as a host, but as a vendor.

Deasy and Crowell weren’t the only husband-and-wife team on a home shopping network. Pam and Wes McCoy were on for many years as ShopNBC hosts, paired on shows together, until they apparently got the ax nearly a year ago in cost-slashing by the financially ailing Minnesota home shopping channel.


Wes McCoy

Now Pam McCoy still appears on ShopNBC, but only as a vendor selling her clothing line, not as a host. It must be difficult appearing on a network that let you and your husband go as hosts.

We know that feeling of being let go, Pam and Wes, as does more than 10 percent of the U.S. population. So you have our sympathy. Don’t worry, karma will kick in for us all at some point.

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3 Responses to “Gem Expert Paul Deasy, A QVC And HSN Veteran, Appears With Jewelry Line On ShopNBC, Sans Wife Judy Crowell”

  1. BMR ReVive Back Pain Relief Belt with Lumbar Support | Lumbar Back Pain? Finally Get Relief Blog Says:

    […] Gem Expert Paul Deasy, A QVC And HSN Veteran, Appears With Jewelry … […]

  2. marlyn dreiling compton Says:

    mr. deasy…..i love your jewelry, but i mostly buy rings…..i cannot buy your rings, which i really love, but i am a size 11-12 on my left hand and you don’t seem to make the rings i like in this size…i am 71 yrs old and would love to wear your jewelry, but i can’t due to age and arthritis…you also hardly ever mention if a ring can be resized..please reply! marlyn

  3. Laraine Schaffer Says:

    Paul, I bought the Cerulite ring size 10, at the beginning, but it never showed up on my order status. I called the reps and they all, many said don’t worry it’s pending. Today they said you had no money, it’s all sold out, everything that was not correct, but their computer glitch that I was trying to get it fixed, but they assured me that my order was secure even my bank of over 30 years+ Chase.

    I know the hosts buys them during the show, that’s a fact, that is down right disgusting. I want the ring that I ordered, had money, but they screwed up.

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