HSN Jeans Designer Diane Gilman, We Love You But Please Update The Big Hair

Clothing designer Diane Gilman does great jeans for HSN, pants that fit women who don’t have the bodies of a 16-year-old. We just wish the New Yorker would update her hairdo.

Saturday Gilman mentioned going to her hair salon located above an upscale store in Manhattan, and it got us thinking about her auburn hair again. What kind of advice is her pricey hairdresser giving her?

We’re from Jersey, so we know from big hair. And Gilman, a very attractive woman, has big hair. Right now, our frizz ball is clipped up behind our head, so we shouldn’t be pointing any fingers at Gilman.

But if we knew we were going to be appearing on national television, we’d break out our MaxiGlide flat iron and go to work on our hair.

And Gilman, who has HSN’s Today Special Value, uses the word “honestly” a dozen times an hour when she is on. If we took a drink each time she used that word, we’d be tipsy at the end of her shows. Girlfriend, please cut down on the “honestly.”

So far Sunday 45,000 pairs of Gilman’s velvet jeans, the TSV, have sold so far. So we guess HSN shoppers don’t care about Gilman’s ‘do, the way we do.

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