QVC Host Lisa Robertson Adds To Her Endless List of Purchases From Her Employer

We said we were going to keep track of each time QVC host Lisa Robertson says she’s buying an item she’s presenting, so here’s an update. Last week Robertson claimed she was going to buy a pair of hoop earrings from upscale jewelry designer Stephen Dweck’s new QVC line, Dweck Diamonds.

On Friday Robertson was presenting Ross-Simons jewelry. During that shindig, Robertson several times told the company’s CEO and president, Darrell Ross, that she planned to purchase several of his products.

First, she was going nuts over a pair of pearl and gemstone dangle earrings priced at $77.

“Don’t be surprised if I own those earrings by the end of the show,” Robertson told Ross, later adding, “Everytime you’re here, I spend money.”

Then Robertson said that she also planned to add a silver daisy ring to her shopping list (we put it on our list, too, for when we get a job).

As we said, Robertson’s jewelry box and clothes closet must be the size of warehouses, to hold all the QVC merchandise she claims she buys.

The note pad we’re using to list her QVC purchases is right by our TV, and we know it will get longer and longer.

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7 Responses to “QVC Host Lisa Robertson Adds To Her Endless List of Purchases From Her Employer”

  1. iQColorado Says:

    What a funny thing to track. I like Lisa and have worked in retail during periods of my life. The real question is how indentured are the hosts of Home Shopping networks the world over? Is there a study?

  2. deb green Says:

    For me, QVC enables me to “collect” jewelry I could otherwise not afford. My Mom owns an art gallery for 41(!) years and I can’t even afford American Craft Council jewelry as it has to be bought in volume or decisions have to be made quickly. So I can buy $200-or-so items from QVC online and using a credit card. Thanks.

  3. deb green Says:

    P.S.: It’s Barbara Bixby, Robert Lee Morris, and Hagit Gorali that I’ve collected bunches of.

    • homeshoppingista Says:

      I don’t know of any studies on home-shopping hosts, but I do have a large collection of QVC jewelry. My point with hosts like Lisa Robertson, and HSN’s Colleen Lopez, is that they so often claim that they are going to order the jewelry they are presenting. I just find it hard to believe, and I hate the idea of someone trying to pull the wool over my eyes.

  4. mccartney2 Says:

    i love lisa robertson. i question who the dwecks are because if their the same dwecks i worked for i have absolutely no interest. they had d and k stores. if these are the same people alot of us would like to know. they were the nastiest mean people to work for. can you please advise us? greatly appreciated.

  5. TallGal in GA Says:

    I can’t stand Lisa Robertson. She cannot take her eyes off the monitor in order to look at herself. I have at least one TV on QVC most of the time, EXCEPT when she’s on. Lisa makes a sizeable amount of money and could readily afford all the products she claims to put on her shopping list, but what she’s doing is hinting to get the items free. The companies readily donate goods to hosts — it’s their way of advertising! By the way, her watch is not a QVC item, but one that retails for over $18K

  6. TallGal in GA Says:

    Forgot to mention — I cringe every time I’m reminded of LR’s amazing, amazing, amazing personality and/or how she loves, loves, loves herself.

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