HSN Handbag Designer Carlos Falchi Is Profiled In New York Times, His Target Line Debuts Nov. 1

Designer Carlos Falchi, who has expanded his HSN line beyond handbags to shoes, clothes and accessories, is profiled in the “Thursday Styles” section of The New York Times today.

The second graph of the story talks about Falchi pullng an all-nighter at HSN, where sales for his $100 faux leather coat were at more than 16,000 pieces that day.

In the profile, The Times also talks about the designer’s move into additional products, not just handbags, for HSN with his new Chi by Falchi line.

The story was a good read for us, because we didn’t know much about Falchi’s background. And we weren’t aware that Falchi will be doing a line of purses for Target, priced at $20 to $50. They go on sale at Target Nov. 1, and will be available for two months, according to The Times.

Falchi’s signature leather bags for HSN are much pricier than that, topping out at $850, and he favors floppy, unconstructed designs.

He does about $100 million a year in retail sales, according to The Times.

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