Kicking Off With Dweck Diamonds, We Officially Start Keeping Tabs On What Host Lisa Robertson Says She Is Ordering From QVC

We said we were going to begin keeping track of each time QVC host Lisa Robertson says she is going to buy an item she is presenting, so let’s start right now.

During the premiere of Dweck Diamonds Tuesday night, Robertson told the charming designer several times that she planned to purchase some of his jewelry, which was inspired by nature. Dweck’s collections had flowers and buds and twig-like branches. Very delicate and pretty.

First Robertson said, “A number of pieces, I’m going to be shopping for after the show.”

Then, as Dweck’s debut was about to end, QVC quickly showed a pair of his Black Fortuna hoop earrings.

There was no time to do a full presentation on them, so Robertson said, “I actually might have a chance to get them.”

As we said in a recent post, if Robertson actually bought every item she says she will, she’d need a place as big as Giants Stadium to store all that QVC merchandise.

So we are starting to make a list of Lisa’s supposed purchases. We could use any help we can get, so if you see her sounding off again, please let us know and we’ll add it to our list.

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