We’re Still Waiting To Hear From HSN and Dr. Robert Rey, About HSN And Dr. Robert Rey And ShopNBC

We just sent — for a second time — HSN and Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Rey the big question that home shopping fans want to know: Will the sassy doctor remain on both HSN and ShopNBC?

We first e-mailed Rey, the star of E! Entertainment Television’s “Dr. 90210,” and HSN on Sunday. That’s the day that Rey premiered his skincare products, Sensual Solutions, on ShopNBC. But Rey also sells an undie and bra line, Shapewear, on HSN.

The query is simple: Will Rey still be selling Shapewear on HSN, even though he is also on competing network ShopNBC?

Monday we sent the same e-mail again to Rey and HSN.

We’re not holding our breath that we’ll get an answer, but we may give you periodic updates.

On a totally different subject, with tonight’s “PM Style” on QVC we might initiate one of our plans: To keep track of every time host Lisa Robertson says she is going to buy an item she is selling, and publish that list here.

If Robertson bought something every single time she said that, she’d need a house the size of Giants Stadium to hold all that QVC merchandise.

And we also wish QVC hosts like Robertson would stop calling the products they are hawking “ideas.” We are not looking to buy “ideas” on home shopping networks, we’re looking for jewelry, mascara, etc.

And while we’re at it regarding Robertson, we hope she will stop telling us that with Easy Pay, an “idea” is only “a dollar a day.”

Man, we got up on the wrong side of the bed today, didn’t we?

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2 Responses to “We’re Still Waiting To Hear From HSN and Dr. Robert Rey, About HSN And Dr. Robert Rey And ShopNBC”

  1. Hugh Jee Says:

    Linda- Maybe this is “The Big IDEA”….. QVC will buy the current Giants Stadium after the new Giants/Jets Stadium is completed.

    Then Lisa Robertson and the other QVC hosts will have “a place for their stuff”! All of it! Everything they ever bought from QVC!

    And in The Great Beyond… George Carlin and Jimmy Hoffa are having a laugh…..even if George didn’t believe in one.

    • homeshoppingista Says:

      You may be right. I mean, come on, on nearly every show Lisa claims she is going to run and order some “idea” she presented when she gets off the air. Even my mother was making fun of her, for always claiming she was going to order something.

      I actually like Lisa, but it is incongruous to me that she says she has all this stuff from QVC, but she goes on the air wearing $5,000 Charriol watches and $4,000 John Hardy cuffs.

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