Celebrity Chef Todd English Returns To HSN This Week After Bride-Jilting Brouhaha

Boston restaurateur and celebrity chef Todd English will be back on HSN Tuesday, his first appearance since he jilted his bride-to-be. That has been a nasty, much-publicized break-up.

English has a line of “green” pots and pans for HSN, and it looks like one of his items will be the network’s Today’s Special Tuesday.

English made headlines in New York and Boston during the past month for leaving his fiancee, Erica Wang, at the alter. She went ahead and had a get-together, to replace the cancelled-wedding reception, at the ritzy St. Regis in Manhattan. Why not, since no way you could get your deposit back at such short notice.

But Wang did not take being ditched lying down. She dished to the New York Post about what a rat English was, claiming he called her the afternoon of the wedding to say it was off.

A few days after that Post story, English stuck back. He filed assault charges against Wang, claiming she had hit him in the head with his own watch way back in September. You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

We wonder if any callers will try to ask English about his aborted nuptials.

English, once voted one of People magazine’s 50 Most Beautfiful People, always appears on HSN with Joy Mangano, of “Huggable Hanger” fame. We’ve got a closet filled with her hangers, which are actually great.

But why she is always paired with English when he demonstrates his GreenPans is beyond us. They are the oddest pair since Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow, Cher and Tom Cruise…Well, you get the idea.


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