HSN Why, Why Are You Selling Tacky ‘Faux’ Furs And Running Cheesy Holiday Promos?

This is definitely a chick discussion, but we love fake furs. Our closet has four fake fur coats, and that’s after donating three other ones last year to a coat drive and giving another one to our sister. Fake furs are really warm and fun.

So it’s with some dismay that we have to report that the “faux” fur apparel being sold on HSN Wednesday by designer Stefani Greenfield is not up to snuff. And to add insult to injury, the pieces are expensive.

Some fake furs really try to emulate real fur, and other fake furs are just fun and are not trying to look “real.”

We have an imitation mink coat that looks so real it draws dirty looks, we presume from animal lovers. And over the years we got dozens of compliments from friends and strangers on the obviously fake leopard coat that we gave to my little sis Karen last year.

The stuff in Greenfield’s Curations line is obviously not trying to look like real fur, but it looks bulky and cheap. But it’s not cheap.

Greenfield’s faux fur jacket is going for $200. A vest is $150. A headband goes for $30; a hat $40; and a weekend bag and belted-vest are both priced at $150.

We don’t care that the October issue of InStyle magazine is offering a discount on one of Greenfield’s vests.

And while we’re kvetching, HSN ought to be ashamed of the tacky, low-rent holiday promo spot it’s airing that features Bill Green, Colleen Lopez, Shivan Sarna and Lynn Murphy. They are seen clowning around, throwing Christmas gifts at each other. Is it supposed to be campy? Not working. We cringe every time we see it.

That spot gives home shopping channels a bad name. Its lack of sophistication perpetuates every stereotype there is about home shopping networks. Why bring in high-end jewelry designers like Dallas Prince, Carol Brodie and Me & Ro and then run a promo like this?

Whoever produced it should be shot, and not with a camera.

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4 Responses to “HSN Why, Why Are You Selling Tacky ‘Faux’ Furs And Running Cheesy Holiday Promos?”

  1. Bertie Hyatt Says:

    I know this is an old post but I was “looking back” and found this about curations. Greenfield’s stuff has been crapola since day 1.
    Her first special, a watch, was nice looking and not badly priced, however, it was heavy as all get out. Wristweight or wristwatch.
    I’ve tried her clothes….fell apart, sizes off, cheaply made. EXPENSIVE. All were sent back….even the out fit I wore once and it fell apart after cleaning. A bag, so called suede, at $300 was beautiful on air. Got it home to find the handles unravelling, and the suede had been painted on the fabric! Very poorly made, a piece of junk I wouldn’t pay $10 for. Back it went.
    Her prices are astronomical and her quality is crap. I’ve bought several times, giving her a chance. The wristweight watch is the only thing I kept. Why HSN keeps her…in spite of so many negative reviews, is anyone’s guess. And to add insult to injury, she’s rude and maniacal on air.
    So, Miss Moss, one would not be surprised at her tacky furs. And, I remember that holiday promo. I watched a lot back then. I took care of my ailing late husband, and was home a lot. That was cheesy and low budget. Ed, my angel, suggested each host walk in with a couple gifts and put them under the tree, and have one of them say “be sure to watch holiday host pick. We’ve wrapped up some great buys”. Ah, well……HSN is a channel I don’t buy from anymore. Their quality, presentations, and general service have gone to pieces.

  2. Carlos Says:

    I saw this while going over some old columns and have to comment. My wife and I have been disappointed with home shopping programming for quite a while now.
    I couldn’t agree more, Ms. Moss. Curations is over priced crap. And there is still cheesy advertising on HSN. It seems that Mindy Grossman likes things circus style. The newest ads, feature hosts in campy cheesy AWFUL Broadway type productions. These horrors are to advertise host pick. They had a spy theme ad for them a couple years ago…each and every host looked like a total ass. More than usual.
    These people are not entertainers. They are not celebrities. They are con artists, programmed to con you out of your money. So let them do that as they normally do. We don’t want to see them in 007 musicals, Broadway musicals, Disney musicals…or any darn musicals or sketches. What blatant tasteless stupidity is next?
    Mindy Grossman has made HSN worse than it ever has been.

    • Therese Says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Either HSN has substance abusing celebrities, tacky celebrities, horrible overpriced merchandise, or a three ring circus to advertise their newest fiasco.
      Liza, Mariah, Janice, Paula and Jessica have all been on there in various stages of questionable sobriety. Mariah was looking pretty darn 51/50….she was by far the worst.
      Grossman thinks she’s attracting a younger crowd with all this celebrity hype. She’s just alienating her long time customers.
      And Colleen Lopez has become unwatchable…drooling and cooing over the poorly made crap she designs and sells, along with all the other crap. She is the phoniest host on any channel. Posing and mugging for every photo she is in. And don’t get me started on those damn bare shoulders rags she’s been wearing for years! Everyone has a favorite style or look…but she doesn’t know when to stop. Do some damn yoga and free weights Colleen and your arms and legs won’t look so pudgy. And Mindy, take HSN back to the way it was in 1999-2000. Now it’s a low class shadow of its former self.

  3. Betty Says:

    I haven’t watched, or bought anything from HSN in a very long time. Cheesy would be a word to describe most of the shows and the merchandise, as well as the promos. HSN started to look smooth and polished in the late 90s up to about 2001….then it started to change and try to emulate QVC. Why?!?
    Then, when Mindy Grossman took over, many good hosts were fired or left, and the celebrity BS kicked in. Shows with themes about popular movies, drugged and drunk celebrities, and over priced “designer” lines. Read, crap the designers wouldn’t sell outside of cheesy home shopping channels.
    There need to be some changes made. HSN has gotten too stupid and expensive. And sells junk.

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