Jessica Simpson Won’t Be Back On QVC Until Tonight After Disastrous Debut At Midnight

It looks like singer-actress Jessica Simpson’s debut on QVC last night was such a disaster that she won’t be back on the air until 7 p.m. Monday night, with one of her assistants filling in for her during shows scheduled for today.

Simpson appeared at midnight Monday to kick off QVC’s Today’s Special Value, a handbag from the singer’s new accessories line for the home shopping channel.

But the blonde was inarticulate and awkward when she tried to describe her wares, so much so that QVC brought out Simpson’s mother Tina to help out on-air. Simpson’s poor performance was noted by poster’s on QVC’s online forums, as well as the media.

Simpson, often skewered in the tabloids for her weight and rocky love life, didn’t seem to know much about her merchandise. We hate to say it, but she did seem to be the brightest bulb in the world.

Simpson was slated to appear on another show at 11 a.m., but host Mary Beth Roe announced that the singer would not be able to be back until 7 p.m. Sally Nobody from Simpson’s line, we did not catch here real name, filled in for the singer.

Not a good sign.

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4 Responses to “Jessica Simpson Won’t Be Back On QVC Until Tonight After Disastrous Debut At Midnight”

  1. Vivien Stern Says:

    Very few can do what someone like Linda Dano does. As an actor, talk-show host and a gifted designer, QVC is (and has always been) a wonderful format for her.

    We didn’t see Ms. Simpson last night…if you’ve never appeared on QVC before, it can be very intimidating. She did lend her name to QVC’s annual Shoes On Sale effort. As different from many others who only appeared in the PSA’s or national magazine promotions, she actually attended the event last week in NYC.

    Celebrities who aren’t very involved with their own product(s) can stumble. Successful on-air personalities learn how to multi task. The audience wants them to be charming but to also be invested in their products.

    Linda Dano is back again in January. Her return to QVC with the Linda Dano Home Collection has been very successful since launching in 2007. In January Linda Dano adds more lifestyle elements. To the home accessories she re-introduces fashion accessories. Linda Dano, one of the first successful celebrity designers on QVC launched Looking Great with Linda Dano in 1993.

  2. Vivien Stern Says:

    It has been our pleasure to work with Linda Dano in all her endeavors for almost 20 years.

    • homeshoppingista Says:

      Well, you are certainly right about it not being a cakewalk for celebrities to do home shopping lines. Jessica Simpson was not only shakey on QVC, but last week Paula Abdul and Tori Spelling cancelled their scheduled appearances on HSN — with no explanation from the network.

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