Guilty Of Returning Too Many Jeanne Bice Tops And Joan Rivers’ Jewelry? Irate QVC Customers Accuse Network of Reneging On 30-Day Unconditional Return Policy

For many months now, some posters on QVC’s online forums have been complaining about “the letter.” A number of customers claim they have received letters from the No. 1 home shopping network warning them that they are returning too many items. The gist of the letter is apparently that these excessive returns are costing QVC too much time and money.

Customer complaints have surfaced again this week, on a QVC forum thread called “The Letter! The Q Has A Lot of Nerve!” Several irked customers claim they were sent the letter, charging that the warning violates QVC’s stated policy of merchandise being able to be returned within 30 days, no questions asked.

Skeptical posters said if such a letter exists, how come nobody has posted it on the forums. But other customers claimed that the letter and excerpts from it have been repeatedly posted, only to be quickly deleted.

It’s unclear how many returns trigger a warning letter, or what the precise consequences are if you keep sending back products. Are you banned from placing future orders with QVC? Is your Q Card revoked? Some posters claimed QVC was threatening to close the accounts of compulsive product-returners.

Let’s put it this way: We have been reading complaints about this “letter” for at least six months now on QVC’s jewelry forum. Unless mass hysteria has hit QVC’s viewers, or they are compulsive liars, we’ve got to believe the letter does exist and is being mailed.

We’d love to see it, by the way, if you have a copy. There’s got to be some fans of Joan Rivers, Robert Lee Morris, Barbara Bixby, Michael Dawkins, Judith Ripka and Jeanne Bice who have gotten it.

QVC declined to comment on the matter. “QVC’s practice does not encompass sharing any information pertaining to our customers,” was the response from the home shopping channel’s PR department.

The purported letter has sparked a lively debate on the “Lot of Nerve” thread. There are 13 pages of comments. Some complained that they were returning more items because the quality of QVC’s products had gone downhill, or because of inconsistent sizing of its clothing. So customers shouldn’t be penalized for returning merchandise that’s not up to par, they argued.

“The new arrogance and greed of QVC never ceases to amaze me,” wrote one poster, who suggested people write their own letters to QVC’s president.

Another poster cited QVC’s return policy verbatim. “A customer may return an item to QVC (and its subsidiaries) for any reason within 30 days of the customer’s receipt of the item. QVC wants you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason you’re not, send it back within 30 days of receipt for exchange or full refund of the purchase price, less applicable Q Return Label fee.”

She wrote, “If the above is NOT, in fact, QVC’s return policy, and QVC has some unwritten rule about the number of returns a customer can make, then what is stated above is clearly false advertising. I can’t imagine why QVC wouldn’t want to be as forthright as possible concerning their business practices.”

Others defended QVC, saying that “serial” returners were taking advantage of the 30-day return policy by using beauty or food items for nearly a month – or wearing clothes for special events — and then sending them back for a full refund.

Others argued that QVC was doing out-of-control shopaholics a favor by allegedly threatening to put the kibosh on their buying.

“I don’t blame QVC,” wrote one poster. “You must return close to 60 percent of purchases to get the letter.”

And still others said if customers are so dissatisfied with QVC’s products, whey do they keep shopping there?

“I do not think the letter is nervy,” yet another QVC defender wrote. “It’s good business.”

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31 Responses to “Guilty Of Returning Too Many Jeanne Bice Tops And Joan Rivers’ Jewelry? Irate QVC Customers Accuse Network of Reneging On 30-Day Unconditional Return Policy”

  1. Coincidence? After Customers Complain, QVC Notes That Its 30 Day Unconditional Return Guarantee Is Subject To ‘Terms and Conditions,’ So You Gotta Read The Fine Print « Homeshoppingista's Blog By Linda Moss Says:

    […] wrote a blog about the hubbub about a week […]

  2. Darlene Geoghan Says:

    I, too, have received the ‘too many returns’ warning and QVC cut me off. They have definitely gone downhill. I had received soooooo many items and/or products that had been compromised, i.e., used. QVC should have known I was NOT a culprit, b/c if I didn’t like anitem I’d received, I returned it the same day, if not the very next.

    I now buy from HSN and spent usually $500 – $2000 monrhly and have only returned one item because of size. Their jewelry is spot-checked before being sent to consumers, (which is something QVC doesn’t do, but the mere fact I used to buy high end Judith Ripka, only to have to return items because they were compromised by having been previously worn, stones missing or dull, etc.

    Shame on QVC…. I have many friends who had had similar issues with respect to receiving items that have been worn or used.

    Get with it QVC…

  3. Grace Golden Says:

    I have noticed clothing items of the same order are not always the same quality. Susan Graver’s shirts would be an example. I have many of them and some are cheap. One other shirt combo from her collection was also cheap and mis-sized. From now on I will return them.

    I also have Clark brand shoes –one had ringlets for the ties, the other shoe did not, I wear them for work (nurse) and did not notice it until I was at work. I should have returned them.

    The actions and attitudes of Lisa Robertson and Patti Reilly have influenced me to turn to HSN, and I have been with QVC for fifteen years. The mentioned hosts are inmature, phony, and only interested in promoting themselves.

    You have some great, professional, hosts who certainly do a great job and their shows are the ones we view. Many of my friends and co-workers have the same perception of the above information. It seems that if those two hosts realized how ridiculous they look and act, they would change.

  4. Lisa Says:

    I’ve received this letter recently. I bought several Barbara Bixby pieces that were seconds. The pearls were gross, the stones were not set properly, and the clasps did not stay closed. The returns were for quality issues, so the letter made me angry. QVC presented the item on tv and on the internet, but delivered a lesser quality item. I am not a shopohholic or a serial returner. I am just a regular customer that expects the same quality item presented. I felt like I had gone through a drive thru restaurant and gotten old fries, instead of the fresh ones you are handed inside. Interestingly, I have been able to purchase these same Barbara Bixby pieces for half the price at TJMAXX. It seems that a lot of her pieces are being off loaded to this discount seller. The pieces at TJMAXX were fine. I guess QVC couldn’t unload the seconds to them. At least TJMAXX is making sure to sell quality pieces. In fact they have a lot of QVC presented pieces for less. Check it out.

  5. Kerri Says:

    You will not see anyone on the QVC boards posting about how they got banned. That is because once you are banned, you can no longer access your account for any reason at all, including to post on the QVC boards.

    I have been banned, that is how I know this. Yes, I bought and returned too many items. When they say they offer “an unconditional, no hassle return policy”, that is not true. They need to have more information following it, which of course, they do not.

    After my account being cancelled, I still have been receiving QVC emails. How can I shop there if I am banned?? I emailed QVC to stop sending me these emails. They said I need to have my email preferences changed in my account. I cannot access my account to change the notifications and told them as such. They suggested I write a letter to QVC to see if something can be done. So, I need to spend more time, and money, just to get them to stop sending me emails, because THEY closed out my account and I cannot access it.

    While I am by no means the perfect customer, maybe because I fell for so many of the show hosts hype and sales pitch and of course the “30 day money back guarantee, no questions” (no questions, just “the letter”), and because I did get defected merchandise, the wrong sizes sent, cannot try on before I buy, I am not the customer they want.

    However, if they are going to send me emails to buy stuff and I cannot, they should either open my account up again or simply find a way in this world of technology to stop emails going to one email account.

    Obviously QVC is not run all that well, or professionally. Of course, they make so much money, but how many people get their items, want to return them, and cannot? Either it is over 30 days or else they have been guilted into keeping their items?

    Maybe I should write QVC a thank you letter instead!

  6. Elisabeth Says:

    I’m glad I was banned cause I was going broke buying at QVC and my husband made me return everything or he’s leaving. I did go crazy buying so they did me a favor. I received the first letter a year ago and when they saw i didn’t heed their warning they cancelled me. I did return alot but I also kept alot. I bought a $1500 computer that broke down the second time i used it, had to send it back to HP too many times for repairs and now exactly one day after the warranty expired the hard drive died, hp wants $300 to fix it. Never again. I have an almost new laptop that just sits there cause I can’t afford to get it fixed….. again.

  7. Kerri Says:

    I have to say that since I got banned, I have actually been able to save money!! I do not miss watching QVC or buying/returning their items. I feel wonderful for not shopping there anymore! This was definitely a positive experience for me. And my husband too— he cannot complain about boxes arriving almost on a daily basis! So, THANK YOU QVC!! Maybe they will send out more letters to free more people from getting sucked into purchasing from there!

  8. Ms. S. Says:

    I received a letter TODAY from QVC informing me that my account was being suspended due to excessive returns in the last year. I have been a loyal customer of QVC for 19 years and a have purchased thousands upon thousands of dollars from them in merchandise. I have also referred hundreds of customers to them over the years. In the past year, I have had difficulty with the sizing, representation, and quality of products I have ordered from QVC resulting in a 45% return ratio on my account. During a conversation I had today with a customer service representative, I was advised that I am considered a high risk profit loss for the company and therefore my account was temporarily suspended. I did not receive a “warning” letter from QVC about this matter. I also contacted the credit department to discuss my concern, however, I was advised to submit a dispute letter because they are inundated with people who have received this or a similar letter.
    As a loyal QVC customer, I am highly insulted and disappointed by the tackless and unprofessional manner in which I was dumped as a longtime and problem-free customer. I am not going to “beg” for reinstatement of my account and allow them the privilege of making money off of me as a regular customer. The irony is that most consumers get cancelled or suspended from a company for non-payment or frequent late payments. I have always paid my accounts in full via credit card and do not owe QVC on red cent! In addition, I also reminded QVC of the 30-day return policy they advertise and how they prize themselves on gaining the trust from potential customers. What a joke! Perhaps those of us who have received this infamous letter should ban together and file a class action lawsuit against QVC to teach them a lesson. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you and obviously WE THE SHOPPERS have made QVC what it is today. I have the letter if anyone wants a copy of it to confirm or validate its existance.
    A word of advice for the the current QVC customers responding with harsh comments to us with leprosy….YOU COULD BE NEXT.
    Former QVC Shopper who will now give my business to someone else who deserves it!…smiles.

    • Cynthia Fannin Says:

      I received a letter after QVC closed my account without any warning. The date was March 25th, 2014. It stated that QVC had sustained a financial loss as a result of the problems occurring with my Q membership. They claim my account is temporarily closed while our management team considers my account for permanent closure. The date on the letter says March 24th 2014, but I didn’t receive it until almost 2 weeks later. Yes I have returned many items due to the many problems with items received. Cynthia F.

      • Mary T Says:

        I got the letter about returns 51%, and the truth is I too have spend a ton of money – they only look at that not how much you have spent, like returned $100. kept $1,000 they are very frustrating and the host still spout ‘get it if you don’t like it just send it back’ poor quality is not acceptable to anyone, and many of their items lately are extremely over priced for what you get. The biggest issue is for people who can’t get out, but go to AMAZON and even high end online places are less expensive and better quality. Poor experience after 20 years as a customer, but I say it was doing me a favor at this point.

  9. Rae Bryant Says:

    I can not believe what I am reading..I rarely shop QVC, but once in awhile, something catchs my eye, or I find something I need at a good price, like my newest bedspread. I don’t think I have ever returned anything, but I don’t buy tons of things like I used to, when I was working..I was a BIG HSN shopper, but my fav. clothing desiger is gone. I am sorry you all are having such problems. I can see both sides, but??

  10. Diane Says:

    Around Decenber of 2010 I received ‘a letter’ from HSN commenting on the number of returns that I have made. After Christmas of 2010 I tried to place a phone order. I was told that I was ‘banned from shopping at HSN and I was told to contact customer service. I never did call customer service.
    I have bought and kept many iterms from HSN(TV set Green pots and pans) and did return clothing that didn’t fit(too small or short). I didn’t think I was returning that much. I have had to shop by mail because I have had several serious meidical problems in the last three years.

  11. Bob Says:


    […]Guilty Of Returning Too Many Jeanne Bice Tops And Joan Rivers’ Jewelry? Irate QVC Customers Accuse Network of Reneging On 30-Day Unconditional Return Policy « Homeshoppingista's Blog By Linda Moss[…]…

  12. Cindy Says:

    The letter will just make shoppers go to HSN. Unless the returns are 100 percent, it shouldn’t matter.

  13. Jean Says:

    Yes, there is such a letter. I got one yesterday. QVC warned me that my product return percentage was too high. In the letter they said the majority of their customers have a 40% or lower return rate, and in the past 12 months I surpassed that percentage. It also gave me a list of tips to use when shopping QVC so I wouldn’t have to return a product. I’ve shopped with QVC over 20 years and haven’t had a problem with returns until recently. I’ve not been satisfied with most of the products recently and have had to return them. I sent products back because of defects, poor quality, cheaply made garments, sizing issues, already opened and used products etc. Sometimes I sent items back when I found them cheaper elsewhere. Due to the fact returning items was costing me dearly in shipping & handling charges and I had NOTHING to show for the money spent I quit purchasing products from QVC. However, I am disappointed QVC sent me this letter instead of asking a customer of 20 years why I was no longer satisfied with the quality of their products. It seems that would be a better business practice for QVC to adopt.

    • homeshoppingista Says:

      Don’t feel bad. I got the same letter a few months ago and still haven’t had time to blog on it. It is rather insulting, to say the least.

    • Mary T Says:

      So true Jean; longevity and amount spent and kept are of no matter to them and they have cancelled several items I had on auto ship (not cheap) like Lancome (now at HSN), Kansas Steaks, Philosophy with just a note – frustrating – they are afraid to publish these guidelines on the website adding to the insult.

  14. tina Says:

    I did get the warning letter but there is no warning they just close your account and I never order clothes but did get two pack of rotten near because it sat at UPS on the weekend but either way u DO!!! Have the letter to Barbuda enjoyed shopping there!

  15. Eunice Says:

    HSN sends out those letters too.

  16. teerry Says:

    I also got the same letter and wrote to the CEO of QVC but of course have not had a response. But I closed my account beforehand. Told him the return policy was a joke and my returns were not frivilous. How dare they. They are a retailer and any retailer , should it be Sak’s or Walmart, would never send out a letter like that. Let’s face it sometimes there sizing is way off, or gifts arent liked. My returns were always in tip top condition. I have worked in retailing, you cant believe the shape people return items in. I am a good customer and pay my bill ontime . After reading many of the comments , maybe they did me a favor. I can buy many items from they’re websites anyway. This is not a good way to do business.

  17. Maria Says:

    I went to log on my QVC account and found it was suspended, so I called Customer Service and they told me I needed to write a letter to the Corporate Office. WHO writes letters with the world of technology.. I dont get why my account was suspended- but she did say because I cancelled my orders too many times, excuse me but that is my choice, if I changed my mind, why would I want to purchase something after I read the poor reviews, why would I spend the money to only sned something back. When I have returned a merchandice, I take a credit on my account so that I can apply it to another item, so I am not getting why this suspension, but I am writing the BBB and FTC about them after I have spent time reading the bad reviews about them.

  18. D Says:

    I agree. Class action, my account was close due to association with someone in my family that lives at a totally different address that must of owed on one of the easy plan payments. I have never heard of closing accounts due to association with a relative. I owe nothing on my account. I call it discrimination.

  19. Sara q. Says:

    Maria, don’t bother with the BBB. I went that route and they did nothing. They will respond saying theres nothing they can do for you. Why? Because these retailers PAY the BBB for their rating. The BBB is a sham. Do some Googling sndyou will see how the BBB operates. Better bet is the Consumer Protection arm of the Attorney General Office for the State of Pennsylvania.

  20. Lori Says:

    Every business reserves the right to refuse to do business with anyone. You can’t legally do anything about it. You may feel offended but that won’t win a lawsuit. No court will force them to do business with you.

  21. Cynthia J Fannin Says:

    I did take the time to compose a letter to QVC corporate as advised…and after approx 4 months I received a phone call from someone at corporate wanting to discuss my reasons for my many returns. After explaining my reasons and then listening to the Rep explain why my account was closed…she gave me tips and advice on how to be a “Better Shopper”…while her tone was stern and flat, she finally said the words I was hoping to hear…we are reinstated your account, effective immediately! Have I learned anything from my hiatus from QVC? Absolutely, and I now take more time asking myself if I really need a specific item, and if I can’t justify buying it then I don’t. While I am thrilled to be able to shop at QVC again I remain cautious and afraid to return any item.

  22. Tim Harb Says:

    Contact the FTC about this. If enough people complain, they will start looking into it.

  23. JAXFL Says:

    A class action suite needs to be filed. They have a Love It or Return It policy. It’s there whole business model. If there’s fine print somewhere on their website, I can’t find it. There’s plenty of “show hosts on air comments regarding “use it, wear it, and if you don’t like it return it” not to mention the comments of “you better get two”, “time sensitive feature products, one time only”, “you can only get it at QVC”, and the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 “easy pay options” that encourages excessive shopping. It’s their whole business model for you to shop excessively, and yet if you take them up on their return policy one too many times — they cancel your account without warning, a phone call, and I’ve read that they will ban your relatives as well — so you can’t purchase through them. QVC has upped their tactics to get you to buy excessively since they were first on air, and then backroom corporate deciding which customers are the most profitable and which are not. A class action lawsuit is just around the corner. They will eventually cancel an account on a customer that will spend the money and time to file one.

  24. Mrs E Manton Says:

    When Qvc says ‘no questions asked’ what they mean is ‘do not send your items back otherwise we’ll close your account’. The 30 days money back guarantee is worthless, sometimes items look amazing on TV but when you receive it is far from it. Some items are wrongly sized and customers should not be penalised for that. I have never sent back used, washed clothing but many occasions received clothing which were obviously washed, worn by previous customer. I have been shopping with Qvc at least 15 years and their conduct was appalling. Get your act together Qvc so we can go back to efficient, great value and quality items as years before .

  25. Joyce Shelton Says:

    Been shopping with qvc since 1989, received there letter! I can’t begin to think how much money I have spent over the years. There quality has dropped tremendously, sizing is inconsistent. Brands that I have purchased for years have become shoddy. Of course I’m returning if not satisfied! Have reduced amount of products purchased in the last couple years because of these reasons. So when I cancel a product or return it there’s a darn good reason. So go ahead and cancel me QVC good riddance! Not the only game in town.joyce159@centurytel

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