That’s Just How She Rolls: Supermodel Iman Brings Her Baggage to HSN

Model and entrepreneur Iman, who is also the wife of rock star David Bowie, this weekend was back on HSN with her Global Chic line. Iman offers purses, clothes, shoes and jewelry, which she models after baubles she herself owns or has found in her world travels.

This go around, Iman has Today’s Special Value, the “Jet…Set…Go” luxury duffle roller luggage at $89.95.

Iman often makes references to Bowie during her presentations, but she is always down to earth and friendly, like that best friend of your’s who is married to a stockbroker — not a jet setter with a cooler than cool husband.

But it’s a little hard to swallow her comments about every woman being dissatisfied with some part of their body. We can’t imagine her having any such insecurities. Yet while touting the new leggings she is offering, and which she was wearing, Iman said that other leggings make her look like she has “stumpy ankles.”

Iman’s HSN purses have been particularly popular, and at price tags in the neighborhood of $100.

“It takes a woman to understand what a woman needs in a bag,” the lanky, long-haired model said Sunday.

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