Carol Brodie’s Pricey Jewelry Irks Some HSN Shoppers

Carol Brodie, formerly in the employ of high-end jeweler Harry Winston, is now doing a line called Rarities for HSN, and she had several shows Saturday.

The jewelry is beautiful (we had our eye on a star and moon diamond pendant, $299), but posters on HSN’s jewelry forum were griping about how expensive the pieces were. The price tags ranged from a modest $29.90 for a drusy ring to $1,000 for a citrine and orange sapphire ring.

One poster had a better eye than us, because she even pointed out that Brodie, a striking blond, was wearing “CL,” or Christian Louboutin, shoes. That eagle-eyed poster spotted the trademark red soles of the shoes, which sometimes cost four figures. When you can afford that kind of footwear, as Brodie can, we guess you can easily afford a $1,000 ring.

Crain’s New York Business wrote a story about Brodie this week, which discussed her move from supplying red-carpet jewelry to electronic retailing.


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One Response to “Carol Brodie’s Pricey Jewelry Irks Some HSN Shoppers”

  1. Laurette Gresler Says:

    I wish Carol luck as a businesswoman, but as far as standing behind her jewelry, she doesn’t. If something breaks or falls apart, you’re on your own. As far as skin cancer, I’m glad she is OK–I also have had skin cancer, you see a doctor, have it cut out & have plastic surgery if needed. Thank God it didn’t spread. Don’t make a big thing of it.

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