Advice for Chunky QVC and HSN Hosts: You Go Girls, To The Gym, And Skip Wolfgang’s Food


Shannon Smith

The female hosts on QVC and HSN may or may not be getting better, but they sure are getting bigger. Women on both the No. 1 and No. 2 home shopping channels seem to have gained a lot of weight in the past few months, enough that it had us doing a double-take at what we are seeing on the screen.

HSN’s Lynn Murphy, Chris Scanlon, Connie Craig-Carroll, Suzanne Runyan and Shannon Smith are all looking fuller around the face and hips. It’s a sad setback for Smith, who slimmed down last year and looked spectacular.

Perhaps everyone is doing too much sampling when celebrity chefs Wolfgang Puck, Emeril Lagasse and Todd English are in the house, cooking up a storm to demonstrate their cookware lines.

We aren’t the only ones to notice the weight gains. One writer on an HSN Forum asked whether Murphy was pregnant, because she looks so big. Murphy got married this summer.

If she is pregnant, we’re not aware that she’s officially announced it yet, or if any of her colleagues are pregnant (Here’s a hot tip: Never ask a woman when she’s due unless you are absolutely sure she is pregnant).

And on QVC, right now Jill Bauer, Jane Treacy and Jacque Gonzales sure look a lot wider when they stand up and step away from their tables on-air.

It’s said that the TV camera makes you look 15 pound heavier, but these ladies can’t blame the camera for the girth we are seeing on them now.

They need to start using their own networks’ products, starting with Spanx for a slimmer appearance immediately and then going on NutriSystem to lose the extra pounds.

Maybe everyone should ask QVC host Patti Reilly for her diet secrets. The once hefty host is a sliver of her old self, with a teeny wasp-like waist. Patti, you look marvelous.

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34 Responses to “Advice for Chunky QVC and HSN Hosts: You Go Girls, To The Gym, And Skip Wolfgang’s Food”

  1. celeb gsp Says:

    wow great your style…I’ll try to keep an eye on your articles from now on

  2. Joseph Smith Says:

    Never watched HSN until recently when Ms. Shannon Smith helped peddle some cookware with W. Puck… couldn’t take my eyes off of her smile, her eyes and yes, even her decidedly female figure. There may be more of her than is needed for television, but she looks like most of the women in America, and represents them in a way, might even make such customers feel more comfortable watching and shopping with somebody that has more to offer than just teeth and hair.
    Like such women, I’d not have stopped clicking through the channels and watched HSN if not for her singular charms, which I might add have nothing to do with her dress size. That’s just a bonus.

  3. Shannon E. Says:

    Shannon Smith is the best,

  4. Kim Church Says:

    Wow! Good thing I worked wih Shannon Smith at HSN since 2008.

    Shannon Smith is the best

  5. Shannon E. Says:

    I love Shannon Smith.

  6. Shannon E. Says:

    Two Shannons? I love Shannon Smith because I decided that she puts a great big smile on my face. Put a smile on, Shannon.

  7. Kim Church Says:

    I asked Regina Marlow, one of the plus-size models, and she said “I’m so cool with Shannon. I’ve been having lunch with Shannon for five years now.” So Regina Marlow did. She has had so much lunch for five years.

  8. Regina Marlow Says:

    I love Shannon Smith and Kim Church because, you know, Shannon and Kim are the best at HSN. I like Shannon the best.

    But all I have to say is Va-va-va-VOOM!

  9. Kim Church Says:

    When I was with Shop At Home, I wanted to think about Regina Marlow, and now I love her.

  10. Regina Marlow Says:

    I have loved Shannon Smith and the rest of the HSN hosts for many years.

  11. Fredrica Lane Says:

    Suzanne Runyan is one of the biggest air-heads on TV. She hasn’t had an original thought in years. She always says, “I have 200 rings in stock.” The last time I looked she didn’t “have” anything in stock. No other host that I know of uses this terminology. I pity the other people who have to work with her as a host on HSN. Wonder how she keeps her job?

  12. Friend in Texas Says:

    Wow, I’m amazed at how shallow people can be. Linda, you are also being very rude. Since you are into giving others “advice”, my advice to you would be – please look for the good in people and lift them up vs. tearing them down. You know… do unto others… You’ll be much happier and help others too. If you have children what are you teaching them, my friend?

  13. Regina Marlow Says:

    I just rented a motel room at River Side Inn in New Port Richey several times.

  14. Regina Marlow Says:


  15. Regina Marlow Says:

    Shannon Smith was on vacation in September, so I filled in for two weeks.

  16. Regina Marlow Says:

    I checked in at the River Side Inn in New Port Richey and got free HBO! My favorite motel, which really is the River Side Inn, is a really fun place! When you spent the night there, which was August 14, I could have seen you there!

  17. Greg Evans Says:

    I think Shannon Smith is absolutely beautiful. i’ve had a crush on her for sometime, what i wouldn’t do to meet her.

  18. Denise Says:

    Just started watching the channels again after a 10 yr hiatis, and I must say that I am glad to see some old faces. Linda lets see how you will look post menopause, hmm? Have to agree with the TX poster and that these women are a good cross section of women across the country than those skeletons that reside in the big cities. I’m sorry but to see those bones sticking out is just gross.



  20. Peter pochkowski Says:

    whenever I feel blue, I manage to tune to either QVC or HSN and see some of the most beautiful women modeling and looking their best….it is hard for me to narrow may favorites so I have my own “all-star squad” if you will….representing QVC would be Suzanne and Rachel and HSN is well represented by Kara and Regina….every time they smile and look their best, I feel they are smiling at me too, so, maybe there is hope for all of us in our world today! cheers!

  21. yvette Says:

    I would like to know where is chris scanlon I have not seen her in as while. chris look big like her is pregant I no that don’t want any kids now that her boys are old enoght to watch theirself please email me thanks. will she bring the boys back on hsn .we all will like to see how big they have gotten

  22. lisa Says:

    wow!! what a sad life you must lead if all you can see is if a woman has gained a little weight. life is so much more then the number on the scale . to me it is nice to see some role models that have more to them then skin streched tight over their skeleton, and it shows th every time they are on air, personallity, flair, charm, wit, and last but certainly not least, is BRAINS which contributes far more to a person then just their size!!!!!!

    • Renee Says:

      Lisa: well said. I completely agree. I notice that Miss MESS doesn’t post a pic of herself. All she has is this lousy Internet blog which she uses to judge people she deems imperfect.

    • Anita Says:

      Although I’m well past the fact at this late date, I agree, Lisa. I ran across this thread by accident and it caught my ire. While I acknowledge that we should all be aware of health issues, there is no reason we need to be skeletons covered with skin.
      That is a very unhealthy attitude…and the women mentioned are not unhealthy or badly overweight. As a previous poster mentioned, they represent the real people who are watching them. This sends a negative message to young girls, that if they are big boned or a little curvy, it’s unacceptable. And it’s not.
      My boyfriend has a young niece who was a popular model in the early 2000s. She was 17, and at 5’10” weighed 115 lbs. She looked thin on camera and in magazines, in person she looked gaunt and sharp boned. Once a day, she would eat half a tiny hamburger patty with about 4 bites of spinach. The rest of the day she subsisted on water and cigarettes….her new habit to “help her stay thin”. She is now away from the camera. Because she smoked heavily and ate poorly, her skin is dry and leathery. She has a spinal problem; it’s hard to stand up straight. Her teeth are decaying…she’s had thousands of dollars of dental work done. Just because she couldn’t/wouldn’t put on the 15-20 lbs it would take to make her healthier…and STILL be thin. And, she can’t seem to quit smoking. She’s badly addicted and chain smokes.
      Quit picking on people who are a little curvier than the exemplary skinnies. And on the other hand, if someone is healthy but thin, like Bobbi Ray Carter, who has a high metabolism, quit telling them to eat! I am not overweight; I am 5’8″ and I weigh around 120. I’m thin but curvaceous. And as long as someone isn’t starving them self, or obese, let them be comfortable in their skin. Don’t get me started on botox, restylaine, or plastic surgery!

  23. Thomasina Turk Says:

    With all the Ooooohing and Ahhhhhing and WOWing Shannon does on the shows, it makes you wonder if she needs to have a cigarette afterwards!!!! ROFL!!!!!

  24. Renee Says:

    Jealousy is an ugly,ugly trait.

  25. Elenice Emidio Says:


  26. BAI Says:

    This article is shallow and diesnothing but insult the hosts who are not a size zero. Body image isn’t everything…shame on all who year these women down for not being slim. People like you make me sick..and angry. Why is it anybody’s business if people from Wright ..are you watching to criticize or are you shopping. Find something positive to say or shut up.

  27. Mary Alice Says:

    It’s appears that many of the hosts on QVC and HSN are pregnant at the same time. Even stranger is that they all continue to wear 3 and 4 inch high heels while standing for hours on end.

  28. Nick Key Says:

    You full figure lady bashers: You can lose weight, you can gain weight, but you bashers will always have a sorry ass attitude. Go screw yourself.

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