Guitar Master Jose Feliciano Jumps on QVC Bandwagon to Hawk Guitars

Jose Feliciano can not only strum a hell of a guitar, he is also a pitchman now. The blind singer was on QVC Tuesday selling the Jose Feliciano Acoustic Guitar Debut Series Kit, which includes the musical instrument, an amp, a case, extra strings and an instructional DVD, for $174 and change. Feliciano, rocking leather pants, said on-air that this is the guitar he uses when he performs.

“If you are going to offer an instrument to your fans, it has to be one that you play,” said the singer, who is perhaps best known for his rendition of “Feliz Navidad.”

It looks like Feliciano is QVC’s answer to HSN’s Esteban, who sells his guitars on the Southern Channel. Esteban, like Feliciano, always wears sunglasses on-air, as well as a black gaucho hat. And he is always in black, head to toe.

Esteban is very popular, but in this face-off, it looks like QVC has the real star power.

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