Suzanne Somers’ Defection to ShopNBC, and My Introduction

Home-shopping fans follow QVC, HSN and ShopNBC the way soap opera viewers watch their shows. They love to follow the hosts, comment on their hairdos and clothes, and are just plain passionate.

And while the crusty press typically scoffs at the electronic retailers, trotting out boring cliches and references to cubic zirconia, I know better.

I’m a veteran business reporter, and I have written about the financial doings of these channels. And it is not chump change. QVC and HSN generate more revenue than the broadcast networks, billions of dollars. ShopNBC, not so much. But I am a dedicated viewer of these networks.

I wonder, as you do: how Paul Deasy landed at ShopNBC; what happened to Pam and Wes McCoy at ShopNBC; why did Sajen jewelry migrate to HSN from ShopNBC; and in one of the biggest celebrity switches in home-shopping history,  why is Suzanne Somers taking her Facemaster and other sundry goods to ShopNBC, after years at HSN. Did she leave HSN on her own? Did they not renew her contract?

Such intrigue. I don’t get ShopNBC, but I’m planning to watch her debut Sept. 18, if I can see it online. Suzanne Somers is not shy about shooting off her mouth, so we’ll see if she lets the cat out of the bag about her departure.

So this seemed like the perfect time to finally start my own blog, aimed at addicts like me.

On Miss Moss the Homeshoppingista, I will write about the business side of these channels, as well as the juicier gossip about hosts, celebrities hawking their goods, and on-air crashes, like Janice Dickinson’s disatrous appearances.

Forgive me, because I’m new at doing this on my own and will screw up, I’m sure. I can’t do anything but the basics right now, but I’m learning. And I can’t watch TV all day, so I will look for help and tips at QVC’s and HSN’s forums, where viewers are not shy about “critiquing,” let’s call it, the networks, the hosts and the products. I love reading your comments, and hope you can take time to look at my blog. You gals are tough.

My personal interest is jewelry, so most of my comments on products will be on bling. Even as a little girl, I loved rocks and would search gravel driveways for fossils. My niece Sydney, God love her, has the same obsession with rocks and crystals. So in terms of products, I will talk about jewelry a lot. I hope will check  out this blog and recommend it to your home-shopping friends. Any suggestions or tips will be appreciated.

Linda Moss shares the inside baggage on her guilty pleasures: Home shopping, news, gossip, gemstones and more on Miss Moss the Homeshoppingista. Thanks for stopping by and viewing my debut blog!


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10 Responses to “Suzanne Somers’ Defection to ShopNBC, and My Introduction”

  1. iammdesign Says:

    You go girl! Great start and look forward to hearing about the Suzanne Somers defection from HSN!

  2. shoediva2010 Says:

    Congratulations on the start of your new adventure!

  3. beautyfix Says:

    How can we send stories and information to you?

  4. KimarisMom Says:

    What is the 411 on Terry Lewis’ divorce?

  5. forkuu Says:

    yeah we really need to know why the hosts leave one channel for another. one example is dave king who seemed to be a part of qvc and now is on shop nbc. weird

  6. Gina Says:

    I want to know what happened to Terry Lewis, Miss Tina Knowles and Patricia Fields. They all left HSN or was it QVC. I’m addicted to these women and their products.
    Can you help me find them!

  7. Gale Cox Says:

    Great going!

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