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Ex-QVC Host Lisa Mason’s Husband Has The Cancer

August 12, 2014

Former QVC host Lisa Mason has clarified her disturbing Facebook post, which talked about a cancer diagnosis she and her husband Gino were facing.

Everyone, us included, wanted to know who has the cancer.

Well, Mason answered that question on FB, and posted the photo we are sharing here.

Lisa Mason and Gino

Lisa Mason and Gino

“Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers,” she posted. “We begin a very rough road of treatment. Although the diagnosis of cancer is his, the burden is ours together. With much love…. Gino and Lisa.”

Ex-QVC Host Lisa Mason’s Plea After Cancer Diagnosis

August 9, 2014

We slept late today, Saturday, and found this disturbing news when we checked Facebook. Former QVC host Lisa Mason is apparently up against a life-threatening situation: cancer.

Mason, who has been acting as the the rep for Supersmile (we think that’s what it was) on QVC, said that we won’t be seeing her on the home shopping network again.


Here is the rest of her FB post:

My life has taken an abrupt turn. Please, please pray for me and Gino. We are facing the fight of our lives with a sudden diagnosis of cancer.

I believe in the power of medicine and great doctors. But, I mostly believe in the power of our great and mighty Heavenly Father, whom Gino and I serve and trust. Please pray for Gino and Lisa and please pass this on. Much love to you always.

Mason and her husband Gino, who she would always mention on-air, live in Manhattan. When she left QVC, there was talk that she was going because of an illness she reportedly had, lupus.

Anyway, we loved her on QVC. She was a funny, warm sometimes racy Southern Belle of a host. Prayers to her and Gino.

Ex-Host Lisa Mason Vogues Back To QVC

December 5, 2013

Former QVC host Lisa Mason is sure looking good.

She changed her profile photo on Facebook, and it is a stunner. Mason is dressed in a sexy black dress and is posed with her legs crossed.

Former QVC host Lisa Mason strike a pose

Former QVC host Lisa Mason strike a pose

Girlfriend, we want the name of her photographer!

Anyway, Mason also posted that she will be back on QVC soon in her new role as the rep for Supersmile.

“Looking forward to seeing you all again on New Year’s Eve on QVC!!! 9 p.m. eastern….Nothing starts off a New Year quite like a Supersmile!!! See you then! Merry Christmas!!!!! xoxoxox,” Mason wrote.

Lisa Mason’s Comeback To QVC, For Supersmile

September 7, 2013

Former QVC host and fan favorite Lisa Mason is returning to the home shopping network next week — as spokesperson for Supersmile, the teeth whitening system.

Mason posted the news on Facebook Saturday.

Lisa Mason returns to QVC

Lisa Mason returns to QVC

She will be on all day Tuesday, Sept. 10, presenting Supersmile’s Today’s Special Value.

“Please tune in at midnight and throughout the day as I share the story of Dr. Irwin Smigel and Supersmile!” she wrote. “As the new National Spokesperson, I will also have exciting news about a special offer Supersmile.”

Since Dr. Smigel is getting a little long in the tooth (no offense), we welcome Mason back to the fold as his company’s rep.

Ex-QVC Host Lisa Mason Has Public TV Gig

February 10, 2013

Former QVC host Lisa Mason doesn’t regret following her bliss.

She seems to have a lot cooking since exiting QVC, and says she has something brewing with Public Television.

Manhattan resident Mason, who wrote one book and is working on a second one, posted an update on her Facebook page yesterday.

Lisa Mason

Lisa Mason

Here it is:

When I left QVC two years ago, I was very uncertain about the future. Although I knew it was time to go… it was very frightening!

Well, two years later, I have had the unbelievable honor of working with Guthy-Ranker, Supersmile, City of Hope, World Vision, Oprah Winfrey Network, Barnes and Noble, Script-to-Screen, Tristar Studios and others. And, today, the cherry-on-top moment… I will soon have the chance to do a bit of work for my beloved Public Television!!!

SO….when your time comes…. take a deep breath….trust your gut… pray a LOT… and jump! The water is great!!!! I love you all and miss you! God Bless.

Keep us posted, Lisa!

Former ShopNBC Host Libby Floyd Has Penned A Romance Novel

August 21, 2012

Former ShopNBC host Libby Floyd has a brand new bag: She’s a romance writer.

Via LinkedIn, we learned that Floyd has published her first romance novel, called “Sparkelicious,” on Chardonnay Press.

“It is now available on,” she said. “I also have several other novels in the works.”

Libby Floyd

In addition to ShopNBC, Floyd has appeared on Food Network, The Shopping Channel and Shop at Home.

She joins a growing list of home shopping hosts who have intruded onto our turf: writing.

That group includes QVC’s Rick Domeier, Kathy Levine and Lisa Mason, as well as HSN vets Dan Dennis and Paul Deasy.

Former QVC Host Lisa Mason: Did She Or Didn’t She?

July 8, 2012

OK, don’t jump all over us Lisa Mason fans, but the popular former QVC host is looking a lot different these days.

At least we think so, as do some of her other Facebook fans. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Lisa Mason now

Lisa posted several new photos of herself on Facebook, and to us, and we could be totally wrong, it looks like she had a little work done. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, we repeat. If we had the greenbacks, we might do it ourselves!

Lisa Mason then

You can decide for yourselves. But several of Lisa’s “friends” commented on the new photos, noting her change in appearance. In fact, one said, “You look like Gloria Estefan.” And she does, a bit.

QVC Host-Author Rick Domeier To Donate His Book Proceeds Tuesday To Japan Relief

April 10, 2011

Lisa Mason isn’t the only QVC talent that has authored a book.

Rick Domeier has been beating the bushes and making all kinds of appearances to promote his inspirational tome, “Can I Get A Do Over?’

The towheaded Minnesota native has come up with a pretty neat idea to raise some money for victims of the Japanese earthquake.

“On Tuesday, April 12th, I will also donate ALL of my author proceeds to the American Red Cross-Japan Tsunami relief,” he said on his publisher’s website. “All you have to do is purchase one copy of ‘Can I Get a Do Over?’ and together we can make a difference in the lives of the people in Japan.”

That’s not all.

“I’m doing a Special One Day Offer! When you purchase a copy of ‘Can I Get a Do Over?: Unforgettable Stories of Second Chances and Life Makeovers’ simply click on the link below, give me your address, and your Amazon purchase order number, and I will mail you a Limited Edition, Personalized, Autographed Book Plate, and Do Over Book Mark absolutely free! (S&H is free as well)!”

Domeier will also be chatting live on Facebook and checking in from various stops on his book tour, including a live national television interview on “The 700 Club” on CBN (Christian Broadcast Network).

Ex-QVC Host Lisa Mason Packs The House With ‘L And L On Lex’ Event

April 10, 2011

We were invited to ex-QVC host Lisa Mason’s “Laura and Lisa on Lex” event in Manhattan Saturday, but we had a boatload of work to do and just couldn’t make it.

The event included Mason signing her new book, “Big Life Lessons From That Still, Small Voice,” at Barnes & Noble and then heading off to QVC vendor and makeup wizard Laura Geller’s Big Apple studio.

Lisa Mason

The shindig was a big success, as we can tell from Mason’s post on her blog.

“You exceeded our expectations!!” she wrote. “We were at standing room only for this event with very special guests in attendance! Thank you to all of you who came to our New York City book-signing event. It was awesome! Gino and I were joined by over 100 of the most wonderful people and we thank you!!! See you next week in Pittsburgh!! God Bless.”

QVC Host Patti Reilly Bids A Teary Farewell, With People Still Asking ‘What’s Up With That?’

March 12, 2011

We came in on the tail end of Patti Reilly’s final show on QVC, and she has wiped tears from her eyes several times as we were watching.

She is going to need a truck to take home all the bouquets of flowers she’s gotten during her swan song.

She is now on the air with makeup queen Laura Geller, who she described as her best friend. The show is about to end.

“I’ve been crying here all night,” Geller told Reilly.

Patti Reilly (right) clowning around with Mally Roncal (far left) back in the day

Reilly, who looks pretty good in a cute grey vest and white ruffled shirt, has been taking calls from friends and even QVC vendor and shampoo pooh-pooher Chaz Dean, who told her, “You’re jumping ship! What’s up with that?”

That’s what a lot of people are wondering.

On Facebook a few days ago, Reilly seemed a little annoyed that fans keep asking why she is going.

She posted her answer Monday.

“Why am I leaving QVC?” she said. “I don’t want to look back 5 yrs from now w regret. I want to step thru a potential door of opportunity that I may have never known existed had I ‘played it safe.’ I’ve been praying for a new life & I believe this is part of the plan:) I am grateful for the years spent, but it’s simply time to move on.”

At the very end of Reilly’s last QVC show, hosts Lisa Robertson and Jacque Gonzales came out — and also got weepy –to say goodbye. Gonzales blubbered something about Reilly coming to her wedding that we didn’t quote catch.

“Thank you everybody, for watching me for 11 years,” Reilly said.

Ever-bubbly Mally Roncal, the red-carpet makeup artist, was also on Reilly’s final “Friday Night Beauty” show. In fact, Roncal created two products, a Highshine Liquid Lipstick Duo, just for Reilly.

“I had to take care of Miss Patti,” Roncal said. “You know Miss Patti Reilly, she is a sparkler, a firecracker.”

Geller, by the way, has now lost two of her good buddies at QVC. Host Lisa Mason, Geller neighbor in Manhattan, also exited this year. In fact, Mason and Geller are doing a meet-and-greet in Manhattan to promote Mason’s new book.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: People seem to love or hate Patti. QVC customers are bantering back and forth on our blogs about her, which mentioned the fact that she had lost a lot of weight vey quickly, making some suspect she had some kind of surgery.


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