‘Real Housewives of Jersey’ Melissa Gorga launching HSN jewelry line

April 24, 2014

Yet another member of Bravo’s many “Real Housewives” franchises is coming to HSN.

US Magazine reported that Melissa Gorga of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” is doing a jewelry collection for HSN that will premiere in July.


In the story, Gorga said her line of 24 pieces will be sophisticated and affordable, from $20 to $100.

Actress Sofia Vergara debuts fragrance on HSN

April 24, 2014

What out, another celebrity perfume has arrived.

Gorgeous Latina Actress Sofia Vergara launch her first fragrance, Sofia by Sofia Vergara, as HSN’s Today’s Special Thursday.

“Sofia by Sofia Vergara is designed for the woman who wants to feel irresistible and truly enjoys being a woman,” Vergara said in a canned statement. “I wanted to bring a little bit of who I am, my ethnicity and create a fragrance that is a true reflection of me.”

According to HSN’s florid press release, “The luxurious new, juicy oriental floral fragrance embodies the actress’ vibrant personality, innate charm and exotic beauty. From choosing the notes to designing the bottle, Sofia Vergara took part in every detail during the fragrance development.”

HSN’s Chief Merchandising Officer Anne Martin-Vachon said, “This fragrance truly embodies Sofia’s captivating personality. She is smart, glamorous, sophisticated, sensual and highly accessible to her fans…all great qualities to have for a successful beauty launch at HSN.”

The Eau de Parfum will retail for $55 (100ml) and $48 (50ml) and a Shimmer Body Lotion for $30.

Country Music Legend Dolly Parton Coming To QVC Sunday

April 22, 2014

Big-haired country music institution Dolly Parton will be performing live on QVC this Sunday, according to The Boot.


As with the home shopping network’s prior deals with artists, shoppers will be able to buy Parton’s new album on QVC “Blue Smoke” 20 days before its official release date, which is May 13.

The Boot reported that fans can purchase the album starting April 24. Parton will then be performing an hour-long broadcast on QVC next Sunday.

“The hour will feature music from the new album, as well as some of Parton’s greatest hits, performed live in front of a studio audience in Nashville,” The Boot reported. “The performance will be sold as part of a two-disc set with the album.”

New Kind Of Manufactured Diamond Fools The Experts

April 21, 2014

People have long associated home shopping networks, and mocked them, for their sale of cubic zirconia jewelry. But The New York Times Sunday reported on a new kind of diamond simulant, made from gases, that don’t be distinguished from mined natural diamonds.

The story in The Times’s business section was headlined “When Diamonds Are Dirt Cheap, Will They Still Dazzle.” The article describes a new process, called chemical vapor disposition, that creates gems that even the experts can’t tell aren’t created by nature.


The story then poses this question: Will the price of natural-of-origin diamonds plummet when the market gets these new types of diamonds? You decide.

QVC Host Lisa Robertson, Stalkers And ‘Good Morning America’

April 18, 2014

The story about QVC host Lisa Robertson’s numerous stalkers went national, with “Good Morning America” even doing a segment on it.


Robertson provided a statement to ABC News that we thought worth republishing.

“We enjoy the connection we have with our audience from being open and sharing our personal stories. Unfortunately, one of the downsides to this is that people can take these connections too far and cross personal boundaries,” the statement — or should we cay the UNDERSTATEMENT — said.

Oui-Oui, QVC Is Going To France

April 17, 2014

Will Parisian women dig Susan Graver clothes? We’ll soon see.

QVC announced Wednesday that it plans to launch a home shopping network in France in the second quarter next year, expanding its European presence. With that rollout, QVC will be well on its way to taking over the world, with a global business of seven operations reaching nine countries.

“As the second largest economy in the European Union, with a robust e-commerce sector and solid digital infrastructure, France offers a strong opportunity for QVC,” QVC President and CEO Mike George said in a canned statement,

“Over 27 years, QVC has become the world’s largest video and e-commerce retailer, changing the way the world shops by reimagining shopping, entertainment and social as one. We believe this, in addition to QVC’s stellar customer service, will hold great appeal for French shoppers.”

QVC is working with Invest in France Agency, the national agency responsible for promoting and facilitating international investment in France, and a regional organization, the Paris Region Economic Development Agency (PREDA), to make way for its entry into the French marketplace.

“QVC brings a highly differentiated multiplatform shopping experience to French consumers and will create significant opportunities for consumer businesses and brands across the region,” said Serge Boscher, managing director of Invest in France Agency.

“As a global leader in video-centric ecommerce, QVC’s decision to enter France reflects the evolution of the French marketplace, the new opportunities generated by our growing Digital economy and advances in the TV landscape. Having worked with QVC to facilitate its investment in France, I’m convinced that their business model is uniquely suited to be successful here.”

Sabine Enjalbert, managing director of the PREDA said, “QVC’s decision to locate its operations in the Paris region is testament to the fact that we are a growing center of excellence, specifically in the technology, broadcast and online fields. We look forward to their entrance, creation of jobs and contributions to France.”

QVC and its partners expect to create about 200 jobs in the first two years.

The French-language video and e-commerce content will be produced in France by a local team and will be available online, on mobile devices and on major satellite TV, cable TV and IPTV services in France.

In its press release, QVC claimed that it “is famous for creating opportunities for inventors, entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized enterprises in its markets and will welcome consumer businesses of all sizes in France. The company’s global scale enables it to offer a wide range of well-known global and French brands, as well as new smaller brands, as it opens a completely new marketplace for French shoppers.”

QVC broadcasts reach more than 300 million homes worldwide and its e-commerce sites had nearly 800 million visits in 2013.

“France has made some bold and innovative changes to its digital infrastructure and strategy in recent years and we believe this provides a great opportunity for QVC to enter the market with a multiplatform offering,” QVC Europe CEO Steve Hofmann said.

“Today, consumers are operating in a fast-moving and increasingly digital world,” he said. “People are now purchasing at any time, anywhere, across a multitude of devices, and seeking a higher degree of entertainment in their shopping experience. We believe French customers will enjoy QVC’s fresh content, premiere-branded products and award-winning, world-class customer service. Our goal is to build long-term relationships of trust and confidence with all of our audiences – employees, suppliers and customers in France.”

QVC Host Lisa Robertson’s Sicko Stalkers Should Take A Hike

April 16, 2014

It’s tough being gorgeous. But QVC host Lisa Robertson has had to pay the price, and she has our sympathy, no joke. We were stalked once, many years ago, believe it or not.

Over the years we have heard tales and seen posted newspaper stories about her being stalked, but the Daily Mail of Great Britain, no less, seems to have all the details about how this poor woman has been hounded by a bunch of nut jobs over the past two decades. And it’s not funny.

According to the story, which is quite juicy yet quite sad for Robertson, at one point she was being stalked by three kooks at once.


The article quotes from court proceedings where Robertson says that she has numerous alarms at her $800,000 home, but still lays awake at night worried that one of her “admirers” is going to get into her house. Read the Daily Mail story for all the details. But several of these creepy stalkers have followed her and even showed up in QVC Land, Pennsylvania, to see her.

The Homeshoppingista and stalked QVC host Lisa Robertson

The Homeshoppingista and stalked QVC host Lisa Robertson

During the years that Robertson, who the story says is 48, has been targeted QVC has taken out a number of injunctions to keep her stalkers away from her.

The story has has numerous photos, we don’t how they got them, of former beauty queen Robertson, her family and even one of her dates.

We posted a link to the Daily Mail story yesterday on Facebook, and several of our friends were shocked by some comments that a local newspaper supposedly made about Robertson. As our posters noted, this editor seemed to blame Robertson, the victim, for her stalkers.

The story quoted Kathy Brady Shea, managing editor of the Chester County Times, who seemed to sympathize with Robertson’s sick stalkers.

“All of these cases involved sad, lonely, alienated men with apparent mental health issues,” the Daily Mail quoted Shea as saying.

“Yes, Lisa Robertson is a victim and some of these folks are scary but her show is a magnate for these guys. She’s on late at night, she comes across as provocative with a come-hither attitude. She’s perky, coiffed, manicured and heavily made up … Yet QVC just keeps using their legal hammer to come down on these people,”

Excuse us?

As one friend wrote on our Facebook wall, “Yeah, blame the victim. She (Robertson) should wear less makeup, gain 30 pounds, be less flirty, and demand to work only in the morning.”

We don’t consider stalkers harmless, misguided souls. When we were at Northwestern, we worked part-time at the library. We noticed that a computer grad student keep popping up when we were working. Then we would see him constantly when we were in the library, in a carrel studying.

We had a conversation with him, tried to nicely tell him we were not interested, but it didn’t sink in. We got up one Sunday morning to work our early shift, and we saw him outside our apartment building.

We graduated and left Evanston to return to New Jersey, and shortly after we got back we received a beautiful bouquet of long-stemmed roses. We were so excited, until we looked at the card and saw that he had sent them. Beyond creepy. Scary.

We remembered him when we were covering a murder trial of a young, vibrant woman in Bergen County years later. The accused killer was a nerdy, socially maladjusted young man. The defense argued that the pretty victim was having an affair with this loser.

We would bet $1 million we know what happened. She was a good person, and she was trying to be nice to this guy who was clearly out of her league, to not hurt his feelings. The trouble is when you are nice to these kinds of dudes, they view it as you actually being interested in them, and it encourages them.

Maybe she was finally telling him him the hard truth, without sugarcoating it, and he snapped and killed her.

Our point is, lonely or emotionally troubled or not, these stalkers are people to fear.

So Lisa, keep those alarms on. Get a big dog. And one poster suggested you even get a gun and learn how to use it.

ShopHQ Invicta Spokesman Michael Davis Up And Quits

April 15, 2014

It looks like ShopHQ Invicta spokesman Michael Davis has said you can take this job and shove it.

We are wearing an Invicta watch right now that we bought from ShopHQ, but we haven’t watched an Invicta show for years on the No. 3 home shopping network. So we never saw Davis on-air. But he posted quite a rant on Facebook.


There comes a time in everyone’s professional career that you have to ask yourself some questions. Questions like…

Is there a future for me in what I am doing?

Am I being compensated at a level that matches the results I produce?

Am I respected (personally and professionally) by the people that I work for (or with)?

Do I really enjoy what I do for a living?

When the answer to all, most or some of these questions is “NO”, then it is time to make a decision as to whether or not you continue with what you are doing.

It is at this point that I inform you all that after asking myself these questions and contemplating the answers, I have just officially submitted my resignation to the Invicta Watch Group effective immediately.

As you read this, I am in the process of relocating myself to another part of the country (an area that I prefer to live in, not one that I was “forced” to) and will be, effectively, “hitting the reset button” on my life.

Life is just too damn short to spend it doing something that no longer makes you happy and that there is no future with. Especially with some of the circumstances that I have had to endure over the last few years.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you that have supported me over the last 5 years. It has been great getting to know alot of you and some of you have become close personal friends of mine and people that I talk to on a daily or near daily basis.

I have learned from you all and am humbled by the support that you have shown me. For that, I will be eternally grateful. For the hosts that I worked with on a regular basis (Kendy, Allison, Tim and Daniel…in no particular order), I appreciate you listening to me when I needed to bitch and the support that you showed me when I needed it the most. You all helped me to get better at my craft and supported me in ways that I cannot even begin to describe.

Without your support and sage advice, I would not have lasted as long as I have. To simply say “thank you” seems completely insufficient. And good ole Diamond Jim…thank you for getting me into this whole crazy job. It may not have went the way I wanted and it may not have ended in the best possible circumstances. But damn! It was one hell of a ride. Thanks my friend!

For those of you wondering what is next for me, the honest answer is that I have no idea. I am sure that there is going to be some “black helicopter” conspiracy theories that pop up (a lot of you know how the “fishy crew” can be). I would ask all of you not to participate in helping to spread such activity.

I am not going to work for another watch brand. I am not going to work for another network. I do have some personal projects that I want to work on and see what they can bring me and I will be speaking more on that soon. It is not my intention to try and trash any individuals or brands, so please let’s not go there.

I’ll still be posting a lot about watches and watch brands. However, if you are here on my page strictly for Invicta information, then now would be the time to unsubscribe yourself. Obviously, no hard feelings if that is the case. For those that wish to follow along as I move forward into this new chapter of my life, you are more then welcome to “ride along”.

In a later post, Davis went on to say that while he will no longer be working for Invicta, he would still be posting on Facebook and was “humbled” about the response to news of his exit.

Meanwhile, Davis is in the process of moving 1,500 miles away from Minnesota. He says he’ll keep us all tuned about his plans.

Former HSN Host Chris Scanlon LUV’s IT At ShopHQ

April 13, 2014

HSN alum Chris Scanlon has resurfaced — to do a line for ShopHQ, her former network’s competitor.

One of our savvy Facebook friends tipped us off to the news that Scanlon is prepping for a debut this fall on the No. 3 home shopping network.

“I’m excited!,” Scanlon posted on her Facebook page.

“I’ve been working over the last year to create a line of products that I LUV. I’m calling it Luv It by Chris. I have found some real items that I know you will Luv too.”

“We are looking at a launch date on ShopHQ in September. Obviously we’ll keep you posted. If you have any ideas of things you would like to see or items you have that you just wish were made better LET US KNOW. As soon as I can I’ll try getting out sneak peaks. I just know that you’ll ‘LUV IT.’

If we use one of your ideas, I’m going to talk over with my partner what we can do special for you. Just private message me with your ideas.”


She didn’t say what the products were exactly, but she has set up a page for LUV IT.


Scanlon served as a HSN host for years before taking off with her ski instructor husband for Colorado, we believe. We’ll see what she cooks up.

HSN, Disney Unveil Partnership On ‘Maleficent,’ Other Films

April 10, 2014

HSN has cooked up another marketing partnership with Disney Studios, this time collaborating on “Maleficent,” “Cinderella” and “The Hundred-Foot Journey,” the home shopping network said Wednesday.

The three-film collaboration, which spans two years, “marks the first time that Disney Studios has enlisted an omni-channel retailer for a comprehensive long-term entertainment marketing alliance. HSN brings the spirit of these movies to life through bold, imaginative products from top designers and brands,” or so the press release said.

Before each film’s release, HSN will create content-driven retail events featuring assortments of products from the network’s fashion, jewelry, beauty and home categories that are inspired by or reminiscent of each of the three films.

The first HSN event will take place during the days leading up to the May 30 release of “Maleficent,” starring Angelina Jolie, followed by similar events for “The Hundred-Foot Journey” in August and “Cinderella” in spring next year.


“This long-term collaboration is a testament to the success of our entertainment integration strategy that infuses fun and drives heightened engagement across all of our shopping platforms while driving awareness for our marketing collaborators,” said our buddy Bill Brand, HSN’s Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer.

“We’re thrilled to expand our alliance with a world-class brand such as Disney to continually reinvent and re-energize shopping through interactive content and storytelling that captures the spirit of their films.”

Disney got its pitch in, too.

“HSN curates wonderful collections that speak to the essence of the story and build a real event around the release of our films,” said Don Gross, vice president of global promotions for Walt Disney Studios. “We’re excited to collaborate with them again and expand upon these engaging worlds, beginning with Maleficent.”

HSN’s 24-hour programming event for “Maleficent” launches on May 27, with a special preview of the collection on HSN.com starting May 7.

The collection will feature jewelry, fashion and beauty products from some of HSN’s top designers, including licensed products from Naeem Khan, Heidi Daus and Amika and additional collections from Giuliana Rancic, R.J. Graziano, Liz Lange, Jean Dousset, Margaret Rowe, Raven Kaufman and Diane Gilman.

Leading brands such as N by Natori, Clever Carriage, and others will also be a part of the collection as well. Following the May 27 event, HSN will air a series of “Countdown to Maleficent” primetime specials May 28 through May 30.

This initiative follows the successful results of HSN and Disney’s earlier film collaborations for “The Help” in 2010 and last year’s “Oz The Great and Powerful.”

HSN’s collaboration with “Oz The Great and Powerful” featured 400 products from 50 brands and resulted in the best sales of any HSN movie event to date with more than 100 product sell-outs.

NeNe Leakes Debuts HSN Clothing Line In July

April 9, 2014

NeNe Leakes, a mouthy blond cast member of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” has joined the seemingly never-ending gang of celebrities that do lines for HSN.

Leakes, whose fashion sense leaves a lot to be desired, will debut her clothing collection in July.

She posted the news on Instagram Sunday, and has already drunk the HSN Kool-Aid, announcing that she has joined “the HSN family.” That’s a popular phrase for celebs who drum up collection for the home shopping network.

“Not only will I join Cirque Du Soleil #zumanity I have also joined the #HSN family with my amazing fabulous clothing line! Available in July sizes 2 to 24,” Leakes said.


A number of women from the the various Bravo “Housewive” franchise shoes have done lines for HSN.

We’ll see how NeNe fares.

ShopHQ To Expand Bowling Green Warehouse Operation

April 9, 2014

Beleaguered ShopHQ will be expanding its warehouse operations in Bowling Green, Ky., bringing 250 new full-time and part-time employees to that Southern town, according to a report in the Bowling Green Daily News Tuesday.


Warren County will be issuing up to $33 million in industrial revenue bonds for construction of an industrial building, a warehouse facility, that will be leased by VVI Fulfillment Center Inc., a ShopHQ company, the newspaper reported.

The official announcement about the whole shebang will be made April 15.

ShopHQ, the No. 3 home shopping channel, already has a facility in Bowling Green with 480 workers. The new plan calls for the construction of a warehouse with 346,260 square feet, taking ShopHQ’s overall warehouse space to 606,765 square feet, the Daily News reported.

ShopHQ will essentially pay off the bonds, as its lease payments will offset the bond payments, the newspaper said.

HSN Gets Its Own Michael O’Connor, A Diamond Expert

April 9, 2014

It looks like HSN has found its own Michael O’Connor! The much-missed O’Connor was QVC’s former diamond guru.

Diane Warga-Arias posted on Facebook today, “It’s OFFICIAL: I am the Resident HSN DIAMOND EXPERT ….ON-AIR MAY 1st with COLORS OF DIAMONDS! I am so excited!”



We believe we’ve seen Diane on HSN as the guest on some diamond shows, and if so, we welcome her back.

As any QVC watcher knows, for years O’Connor served as that home shopping network’s diamond expert. A celebrity stylist for jewelry, O’Connor hooked up the stars with diamonds for the red carpet and was the guest for QVC’s Affinity Diamond shows.

He was charming and informative, but apparently he wanted to do another gig on another network, and QVC wouldn’t let him stay on and do both.

We miss him, especially during April, our birth month and diamond month. The clear carbon sparkler is our birthstone.

ShopHQ CEO Keith Stewart Protects Self In Event Of Takeover

April 5, 2014

It looks like ShopHQ CEO Keith Stewart and his management team have taken steps to make sure they have golden parachutes if they end up being ousted by dissident shareholders.

This week the home shopping network filed an 8-K with the Securities and Exchange Commission amending Stewart’s compensation terms and also what he would receive if there is a change of control and he is forced to exit ShopHQ.


Last year a group of ShopHQ shareholders, The Clinton Group, called for a special stockholder meeting, claiming that the home shopping network has been performing atrociously and Stewart and his team should be canned.

Here are some of the terms of Stewart contract now with ShopHQ — including a base salary of more than $700,000 smackers and a pretty sweet severance package, if necesary:

Annualized Base Salary: Mr. Stewart will receive an annualized base salary of $713,554, which may be adjusted annually by the Company’s Board of Directors (the “Board”). However, Mr. Stewart’s annualized base salary may not be decreased, unless such decrease is part of an across-the-board uniformly applied reduction affecting all senior executives of the Company.

Annual Cash Incentive: Mr. Stewart will participate in our annual cash incentive plan. He will have a target bonus opportunity equal to 75% of his base salary based on our management incentive plan. The annual incentive plan financial goal(s) are established annually and approved by the Human Resources and Compensation Committee (the “Compensation Committee”) of our Board.

Severance: If Mr. Stewart’s employment is terminated without Cause or he resigns from employment for Good Reason (each such term as described below and defined in the Amended Agreement), whether or not in connection with a change of control, he is eligible to receive 18 months of his highest annualized base salary in effect at any time during the one year period preceding his removal or resignation, 18 months of his target bonus opportunity amount determined from such annualized base salary and 18 months of medical coverage under COBRA.

The Amended Agreement also provides for the payment of severance benefits to Mr. Stewart in the event of certain terminations of employment following certain changes of control, and if such payments are made, they will be offset by the payments described in the preceding paragraph.

Mr. Stewart will be entitled to severance pay equal to 24 months of base salary, 24 months of his target bonus opportunity and continued group medical and dental insurance for 24 months if (1) an Event (as described below and defined in the Amended Agreement) occurs during the term of the Amended Agreement and (2) within one year after the occurrence of such Event, Mr. Stewart’s employment is terminated involuntarily by the Company without Cause or voluntarily by Mr. Stewart for Good Reason.

All transition and severance pay or benefits (whether or not payable in connection with an Event) are conditioned upon Mr. Stewart’s execution of an effective release in a specified form and his compliance with applicable covenants under the Amended Agreement (including non-competition, non-solicitation, non-disparagement, confidentiality and non-use covenants).

And what qualifies as a “good reason” for Stewart leaving?

Good Reason” means (i) Mr. Stewart is impacted by a mandatory relocation of his principal place of employment to a location more than 50 miles from his current office location;

(ii) the Company materially reduces Mr. Stewart’s total compensation opportunity (excluding equity), unless part of an across-the-board compensation opportunity or benefit plan reduction applicable on a similar basis to all other senior executive officers of the Company and, in that event, provided that such reduction does not exceed 5% of Mr. Stewart’s total compensation opportunity;

(iii) the Company materially breaches its obligations to pay Mr. Stewart, unless the failure to pay is a result of a good faith dispute between the Company and Mr. Stewart; or

(iv) the Company substantially diminishes Mr. Stewart’s duties, responsibilities or title such that the position held is no longer the Chief Executive Officer in title or deed or the circumstances described in clause (ii) in the definition of “Event” above occur.

The Clinton Group, by the way, has recommended that ShopHQ move its headquarters from icy Minnesota.

Literally Breaking The Mold On QVC Jackie Kennedy Jewelry Line

March 30, 2014

Say goodbye to the Jacqueline Kennedy Collection on QVC. And here is the the $64,000 Question: Did Caroline Kennedy put the final kibosh on the fashion jewelry line?

The line of reproductions of Kennedy’s jewelry, a popular staple on the home shopping network for a decade, is permanently retiring. On Saturday the line’s guru, Kennedy historian Phil Katz, did several shows talking about the collection and selling its remaining inventory. Fans of the jewelry were heartbroken.

Say goodbye to Jackie Kennedy's jewelry on QVC

Say goodbye to Jackie Kennedy’s jewelry on QVC

We missed the Jackie jewelry show Saturday night (we were at Mass), but BFF Ann saw it and told us that Katz, in a rather sad ceremony, was using a hammer to smash molds for the pieces on-air. After destroying each mold, Katz would say, “This is retiring, never to be made again.”

“I’s so sorry to see the line is going,” one viewer from Massachusetts, Kennedy Camelot, lamented.


On QVC.com and his own company’s own website, Katz wrote a send-off the the collection.


Here is part of it:

From the start, we always knew that the pieces would be limited in availability and duration. Due to your amazing support and loyalty, we’ve enjoyed extending the timeline far beyond our original intentions.

Now we feel it’s time to bring this fabulous chapter to a close. We’ve rendered all the pieces in her collection that are currently available to us, and we’ll continue to offer the line only as long as inventory exists.

We wrote a blog about a brouhaha over QVC selling the Jackie jewelry reproductions back in August, sparked by a New York Post gossip item. Our headline was “Is QVC’s Jackie O Jewelry Line ‘Tacky,’ ‘Sleazy’ And ‘A Ripoff’?”


The Post’s Page Six, in a real hatchet job, said that Caroline Kennedy was upset about QVC’s Kennedy jewelry line, which was manufactured by Camrose & Kross of Boonton, N.J. (Go Jersey!)

Caroline had apparently made the manufacturer put a disclaimer on its website saying that neither the Kennedy family nor the John F. Kennedy Library endorsed or were associated with the venture.

Page Six described the QVC Jackie jewelry as “tacky” and “sleazy,” adding that the First Lady “would not be caught dead in ‘gold tone’ jewelry.”

We — and many of our readers — thought Page Six was full of crap. One, Katz respectfully and informatively would tell QVC viewers the history of each Jackie jewelry piece he sold. He would explain where she got the necklace or bracelet or pin, and show photos of her wearing it.

As for “gold tone jewelry,” our bright readers told us that Jacki often wore costume jewelry, despite the snide and misinformed comment in Page Six.

Here is one poster said just today.

The original, famous paperclip necklace owned by Jacqueline Kennedy, created by Coco Chanel was not made in a precious metal. It was fashion jewelry, it’s color is based on the gold jewelry worn in Europe during the era in which it was made.

Therefore to say the necklace is tacky or cheap is calling the original piece owned by the first lady and her taste in jewelry tacky and that is incredibly disrespectful. By the way many of Mrs. Kennedys ‘ pieces were fashion jewelry. That is a fact that is easy to look up..

We can’t help but wonder if Caroline, and/or her family, were responsible for the demise of the Jacqueline Kennedy Collection.

QVC shoppers were sorry to hear it was the end of the line, too, and said as much on Camrose & Kross’s Facebook page.

“Very sorry to hear this,” one wrote. “I have purchased several pieces from the collection over the years and had looked forward to seeing more. I treasure my crystal cross, my Russian Cross and Mr. Katz’s stories that went with them, as well as my watch, my bracelet and my necklaces. Jackie Kennedy was a woman of intelligence, quality and substance, as well as excellent taste, and I am happy to have these mementos of her and her time.”

Another posted, “I will miss Phil Katz and these shows. I have thoroughly enjoyed not only the beautiful jewelry but Phil’s delightful history & stories. I hope Camrose & Kross continues to make jewelry of the same high quality.”

Yet another wrote, “I am so sad… the collection could have continued with the same pieces though! I will miss this show, one of the reasons I watch QVC.”

Katz was a class act, and we hope he will be back on QVC with another line. There was some talk about an Audrey Hepburn collection somewhere down the road. We hope it’s true.

Actress Tiffani Thiessen To Appear In QVC Cancer PSAs

March 27, 2014

Actress Tiffani Thiessen is appearing in both print and TV spots for QVC’s charitable event in conjunction with Cosmetic Executive, the home shopping network said Wednesday.

“QVC and CEW Present Beauty with Benefits” is a two-hour live charitable broadcast that will air April 17 at 8 p.m. QVC viewers will be able to shop a selection of products from 19 beauty brands including bareMinerals, Fresh and Philosophy.

Tiffani Thiessen

Tiffani Thiessen

For this initiative, 80 percent of the purchase price of donated merchandise will benefit Cancer and Careers, a charitable program established by the Cosmetic Executive Women foundation.

“Cancer and Careers empowers, educates and provides essential tools to people with cancer so that they can thrive in the workplace,” according to QVC’s press release.

“Beauty with Benefits embodies QVC’s commitment to supporting the success and wellness of women through the power of relationships,” QVC CEO Claire Watts said in a canned statement. “We’re excited to bring the beauty industry together again for this charitable effort and to have Tiffani as our spokesperson to build greater awareness for Cancer and Careers.”

The event will focus on the philanthropic efforts of the beauty industry while providing viewers a special opportunity to support a great cause.

“Cancer in the workplace is so prevalent yet it’s an issue that rarely gets discussed,” Thiessen said in a statement. “I am excited to work with QVC and CEW to support such a worthy cause. I love that I get to use a fun thing like makeup to shed light on such a powerful message.”

In 2013, “QVC and CEW Present Beauty with Benefits” generated more than $984,000 to benefit Cancer and Careers. Sweet.

“We are so pleased to have Tiffani support Beauty with Benefits,” CEW President Carlotta Jacobson said in a statement. “We are confident that her positive energy will inspire people to get involved.”

Has HSN’s Joy Mangano Got A Pillow For You!

March 22, 2014

Our pillows are flat as pancakes, and they give us a sweaty neck. So we may have to give Joy Mangano’s coming MemoryCloud pillow a look.

HSN calls Mangano its “Mother of Invention,” and she will be debuting her Warm & Cool MemoryCloud Universal Pillow with TempTexx Sunday. It comes in seven colors and will the Today’s Special.

“I am so proud to once again offer one of the most comfortable products I’ve ever created, my MemoryCloud Universal Pillow,” said Mangano, president of Ingenious Designs LLC, an HSN unit. “This jumbo pillow, with my TempTexx technology, is designed to be your answer for a peaceful slumber. With its warming plush side and moisture wicking cooling side this pillow is designed to be a universal solution to a great rest, regardless of the way you choose to sleep.”

Mangano has a patent pending on her TempTexx six-layer system, which incorporates memory-foam layers and “cloud like clusters to provide a loftier alternative to traditional memory foam,” according to HSN’s press release Friday.

The pillows have: a textured fabric to wick away moisture; a gel-infused memory-foam layer to create a cooling effect; memory-foam cozy-cloud clusters to maximize air flow; a memory-foam layer to conform to the curve of your head, neck and shoulders; and plush fabric for extra comfort.

And the shape is supposedly designed to conform for a side, back or stomach sleeper.

The pillow is available in butter cream, lavender field, platinum silver, sage green, colonial blue, ivory and white — and fits within a standard size pillow case.

The price will be $39.95, and its regular price $59.95,

Todd English’s Shenanigans Cost Him Control Of Olives, Post Reports

March 20, 2014

Not to beat a dead horse, but there’s more news on celebrity chef Todd English, a former HSN vendor.

We recently blogged some gossip on English from the New York Post’s Page Six. It was about the handsome but randy restaurateur being spotted groping two very willing women at a Manhattan eatery, embarrassing other patrons.

That was followed by Page Six showing a photo of English, looking inebriated, in a hot tub with three topless women.

Page Six had a folo on Wednesday, an item with the headline “Antics Cost Todd His Eatery.” The story said that English has “lost control” of his Manhattan restaurant, Olives, at the W Union Square Hotel. The Gerber Group was called in to take over management of the eatery because of English’s “erratic” behavior, Page Sis reported.


That item several times referred to English as “going off the rails,” the exact language we had used to described the chef’s sexy shenanigans.

Is Lori Greiner Really The Queen Of QVC?

March 17, 2014

Parade magazine Sunday did a cover story on the judges of “Shark Tank,” including Lori Greiner, QVC’s answer to HSN’s Huggable Hanger inventor Joy Mangano.


The story has a bio of 44-year-old Greiner, who it says is “known as the queen of QVC.” Well, we never heard her called the queen of QVC, but whatever.

The bio says Greiner, whose hair gets blonder and extensions longer every time we see her, “turned one idea — a plastic jewelry organizer for earrings — into a multibillion-dollar brand, creating over 400 products,” according to Parade.

Her most successful product is her “Scrub Daddy,” which we never heard of, that hit more than $15 million in sales in one year, Parade reported.

Greiner confesses that her biggest splurge is “jewelry and Cartier watches.”

ShopHQ Names Time Warner Cable Vet Landel Hobbs To Board

March 15, 2014

ShopHQ, apparently as part of its effort to fend off a hostile shareholder group, has named two new directors to its board, including Time Warner Cable veteran Landel Hobbs, the company said Thursday.

In addition to Hobbs, the No. 3 home shopping network also appointed Lowell Robinson to its board, which now has eight directors, seven of whom are independent.

In a blast from the past when we covered the cable TV industry, here is Hobbs’s bio. He has 18 years of experience in the media and telecommunications sectors, including financial, strategic and operational leadership roles.

Hobbs is currently chief executive officer of LCH Enterprises LLC, a consulting firm that operates in the broader telecommunications and media space.

Before that, Hobbs was chief operating officer of Time Warner Cable, where he led a major operational reorganization. While at Time Warner, Hobbs relaunched the company’s commercial line of business in 2009, and was responsible for Time Warner Cable’s rebranding efforts and its creation of proprietary customer segmentation, pricing architecture and yield management.

Hobbs will serve on ShopHQ’s Audit Committee and the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee.

Robinson has held senior global financial leadership positions at Citigroup Inc. and Kraft Foods, and has been Chief Financial Officer of several public companies including ADVO, HotJobs.com and MIVA, and has provided transformational management at both board and operational levels.

He has also served on a variety of public company boards, including The Jones Group, International Wire Group, Inc., and Edison Schools Inc. In his capacity as a public company director, he has served as chair of compensation and audit committees. Robinson is also a member of the Smithsonian Libraries Advisory Board and the Board of the Metropolitan Opera Guild.

Robinson will serve on ShopHQ’s Finance Committee and the Human Resources and Compensation Committee.

“We are very pleased to welcome two extremely accomplished and independent directors to ValueVision’s Board (i.e. ShopHQ),” Chairman Randy Ronning said in a canned statement.

“Both Landel and Lowell are dynamic, change-oriented individuals with excellent track records of performance in fields that are highly relevant to our business. Landel’s deep operating and management experience in cable and Lowell’s broad based marketing and strategic background, as well as his vast public company Board experience, will complement our existing Board’s skills and further support our successful execution of ValueVision’s strategy.”

Hobbs and Robinson are expected to stand for re-election at ShopHQ’s annual meeting.


Muppets, Smuppets Taking Over QVC On Sunday

March 14, 2014

Here’s some fancy QVC press-release writing for you.

“Imagine a pig, a pair of frogs and their posse walk into QVC,” it says. “Sound like a far-fetched story filled with contagious laughter? Well, it will be reality on March 16 when the Muppets burst through QVC’s doors to celebrate Disney’s ‘Muppets Most Wanted, in theaters March 21. That’s right. The Muppets are coming to QVC!’

Dudes, we already wrote all about that, weeks ago! But here is the latest spin on QVC’s Muppet event Sunday.

“We might be crazy to let the Muppets assume control of QVC on March 16, but it’s too late to back out now,” Doug Rose, QVC senior vice president of marketing and programming, said in a canned statement. “We’re just crossing our fingers that they know what they’re doing and that nobody gets hurt.”

QVC honcho Doug Rose, who is not a Muppet

QVC honcho Doug Rose, who is not a Muppet

Here are more gems from the announcement:

The fun-filled day will include numerous opportunities for the Muppets to mingle and cavort with many of QVC’s program hosts and celebrity guests. Among them, Swedish Chef will put his cooking skills to the test during a special edition of ‘In the Kitchen with David.’

Pepe the King Prawn will prove he’s no shrimp when it comes to social commentary throughout the day. And Link Hogthrob may have a dream come true with the chance to serve as QVC co-host. Entertainment icon and fashion laureate Joan Rivers will also be on air that day, which is sure to lead to even more excitement for the gang.

Given their pop-culture limelight, Miss Piggy, Kermit and other beloved Muppets will get beauty tips from QVC guests Chaz Dean, Laura Geller, Mally, Josie Maran and Sherri Shepherd.

The crew will also have the chance to meet style and fashion experts Jill Martin, Lori Goldstein, Dennis Basso and Joe Zee, who will be sure to keep the film stars on trend. Of course, there’s no doubt the Muppets will get in on some whimsical behind-the-scenes action during their whirlwind visit.

One of the movie’s stars is no stranger to QVC, however. Undeniable style icon Miss Piggy made recent headlines with her appearance at QVC’s Red Carpet Style event in Los Angeles. The ever-fabulous fashionista made her foray into the world of design with Miss Piggy’s Haute Tote, the special-edition tote bag for the gala event, and she’s eager to return to QVC this Sunday.

‘When it comes to shopping, no one has more experience than moi,’ said movie star and world-class diva Miss Piggy. ‘And QVC keeps my shopping skills at the peak of performance. I am really looking forward to connecting with the QVC woman. We have so much in common. We’re fabulous. We’re fashionable! And we always get what we want!’

Randy One-Time HSN Vendor Todd English Cooks Up A Threesome

March 9, 2014

Here’s one chef you won’t see on HSN’s 24-hour cooking special Sunday: playboy restaurateur Todd English, a one-time vendor on the home shopping network.

English, whose romantic — and we use the term “romantic” loosely — romps would put the young Warren Beatty to shame, was a headline several times last week in Page Six, the New York Post’s much-read gossip column.

In fact, English’s tacky, drunken antics have been so frequent, there is actually a tab “Todd English” on the Post’s website.

Todd English, out of the hot tub

Todd English, out of the hot tub

In a nutshell, it looks like English has gone off the rails. Early last week, Page’s Six headline on the randy chef was “Todd English has ‘threesome’ at Provocateur.’” It seems that English was spotted at a Manhattan Meatpacking club pawing two women in a booth.


Page Six reported that English and the babes — one Asian, the chef’s frequent romantic choice, and one white — were a very merry threesome. English’s tongue was all over both chicks, and their tops were loosened as they fooled around, Page Six said. The gossip column claimed that the club’s patrons could “see one of the girl’s boobs” during all this canoodling.

Apparently, English’s ex-girlfriend, Candice Sonneman, threw a drink in his face when she saw him at the Provocateur club with the two half-dressed women, the Post later reported.

But that wasn’t the end of it. Later in the week, the Post ran a photo of English, looking very inebriated, in a hot tub with three topless babes. In true tabloid style, the headline was “Star chef’s recipe for fun? 1 hot tub, 3 topless girls.”


Please check out the link from the Post, because it includes a photo of English in the hot tub with the trio of women. As they say, one picture is worth a thousand words.

We don’t know if any of the hot tub women were the one’s from the Provocateur incident.

English had been a vendor of green-friendly cookware on HSN, but we looked at the network’s website tonight and couldn’t find any of his merchandise.

Maybe we just missed it. Otherwise, it looks like English’s partnership with HSN has ended.

English’s prior claim-to-shame was when he left his fiancee Erica Wang at the altar the day they were supposed to wed in Manhattan. A real class act.

Jerry Seinfeld’s Wife Jessica Joins The HSN Family

March 7, 2014

HSN’s 24-hour culinary event Sunday will feature comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s wife, cookbook author Jessica Seinfeld, the home shopping network said Thursday.

In addition to Mrs. Seinfeld, for the first time ever four of HSN’s chefs will appear together “to chop, slice, dice, cut and cook up a series of highly engaging, interactive cooking demonstrations in front of a live studio audience of HSN Credit Card customers,” HSN said in a press release.

Jessica Seinfeld

Jessica Seinfeld

Celebrity chefs and restaurateurs Ming Tsai and Lorena Garcia will appear together from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.; and restaurateur and “Top Chef” Masters Aussie sensation Curtis Stone and “Iron Chef” judge and Zagat’s “Hostess with the Mostess” Donatella Arpaia will offer their recipes from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Scott Conant, Jessica Seinfeld and Kelsey Nixon will be demonstrating recipes from their cookbooks, and autographed versions will be for sale.

“HSN is thrilled to have an unprecedented lineup of culinary greats come together to present stellar products and cooking tips during one of our most memorable cooking events ever,” said Anne Martin-Vachon, HSN’s Chief Merchandising Officer. “HSN continues to redefine the shopping experience by offering highly entertaining events such as these that are fun and informative for our customers.”

The HSN Cooks event will begin with a special preview at 11 p.m. on Saturday.

ShopHQ Posts 17 Percent Fourth-Quarter Sales Gain

March 7, 2014

It looks like ShopHQ finally had a strong quarter, much to the chagrin of its dissident shareholders.

The channel’s fourth-quarter net sales last year rose 17 percent over the prior-year period, to $193 million from $165 million, the No. 3 home shopping network reported Thursday.

For the full year 2013, ShopHQ’s net sales jumped 12 percent to $640 million from $574 million in 2012.

That’s more growth than QVC and HSN posted for the quarter, but of course, a lot less dough.

QVC posted a 6 percent gain in revenue in the fourth quarter, to $1.9 billion, and was up 5 percent, to $5.8 billion, for last year. HSN reported a 2 percent gain in net sales in the fourth quarter, to $697.4 million. For the full year 2013, HSN’s net sales were up 2 percent, to $2.31 billion.

“Our fourth-quarter performance marked our seventh consecutive quarter of sales growth and positive Adjusted EBITDA,” ShopHQ CEO Keith Stewart said in a canned statement.

“Our continued diversification of product mix resulted in strong sales growth across a much broader customer base,” he said. “We expanded our product assortment, improved our channel positions and continued to focus on the customer experience. These efforts drove record new customer counts in the quarter. With our rebranding to ShopHQ complete and more customers shopping with us than ever before, we believe we are well positioned for fiscal 2014.”

We wonder how this will play for The Clinton Group, which is trying to oust Stewart and many of ShopHQ’s board members.

The network’s sales were driven by strong performances in the categories of home & consumer electronics, fashion & accessories, and beauty, health & and fitness. ShopHQ, whose corporate name is ValueVision Media, saw its gross profit increase 14 percent in the fourth quarter, and as a percent of sales, it was 32.1 percent compared to 33.2 percent in the prior year.

Adjusted EBITDA improved to $5 million in the fourth quarter versus $4 million a year ago.

Adjusted net income for the quarter was $300,000, or breakeven per share, compared to an adjusted net loss of $300,000 in the year-ago quarter.

Net shipped units increased by 44 percent to a record 2.4 million from 1.6 million in the same quarter last year, reflecting a broader merchandise mix and a 20 percent decline in the average price point to $74 from $92.

Total customers purchasing over the last 12 months rose 20 percent to a record 1.4 million from 1.1 million in the prior year.

“The growth in customers reflects a broader merchandise mix at lower price points,” ShopHQ said in a press release. “In addition, the size of the total customer base who purchased during the three months of Q4’13 increased 30 percent versus last year’s same period.”

For the full year 2-13, adjusted EBITDA was $18 million for the full year 2013 versus $4 million last year. Adjusted net loss for the year was $400,000 compared to an adjusted net loss of $16 million in the prior year.

“Our balance sheet position is strong,” ShopHQ Chief Financial Officer William McGrath said in his canned statement. “We ended the year with $31 million in cash and restricted cash, an increase of $3 million from the start of fiscal year 2013. During the fourth quarter, we also expanded the size of our total credit facility with PNC Bank from $50 million to $75 million. The additional liquidity better positions us to support future growth as we evaluate options to increase our warehouse distribution capacity in 2014.”

Jewelry Television Cans Host Avi Vieira, ShopHQ Alum

March 5, 2014

A kind tipster let us know Tuesday that Avi Vieira’s brief stint as a host at Jewelry Television has abruptly ended. We saw her make one big boo-boo that no doubt didn’t do anything to lengthen her tenure in Knoxville.

Vieira, who joined JTV after serving as a watch spokesman on ShopHQ, came clean on her own Facebook page.

Avi Vieira, left, misspoke when explaining  JTV's Stretch Pay while on-air with JTV host Sharon Scott

Avi Vieira, left, misspoke when explaining JTV’s Stretch Pay option while on-air with fellow host Sharon Scott

“I was sadly let go… I will miss my JTV home,” she posted last week.


Our friend had a theory about why Vieira was given a pink slip.

“I’m guessing she didn’t have enough of a Southern accent for that channel,” he said.

However, we saw Vieira mess up one night, when she was co-hosting with Sharon Scott.

Vieira was explaining how JTV’s “Stretch Pay” — its version of QVC’s Easy Pay and HSN’s Flex Pay — works. She told shoppers that they had to qualify to use Stretch Pay. Our ears perked up, because we knew that was just not correct, and Scott looked shocked, like she was going to have a cow.

Scott quickly corrected Vieira, explaining to viewers that shoppers only had to qualify to get a JTV charge card, not to use Stretch Pay.

That little episode we’re quite sure, didn’t help Vieira.

Was Joan Rivers Irked By Miss Piggy’s Cake Slam At QVC Soiree?

March 3, 2014

We watched part of QVC’s pre-Oscar red-carpet show, which was broadcast live Friday night from Beverly Hills. But did we miss a spat between jewelry vendor Joan Rivers and Miss Piggy? We did, according to The New York Daily News.

When we were tuned in to the star-studded program, we saw Rivers touting a large necklace, priced at $273, that she was wearing in black.


The News ran a story Sunday on the event with the headline “Miss Piggy gives Joan cake lift at pre-Oscar party.” The item said that Rivers and Miss Piggy “squared off” at QVC’s event. Did anyone see this exchange on-air?


The News reported that Rivers wisecracked to the porker, “What are you selling, half-baked hams?”

Missy Piggy apparently was not amused. She shot back at Rivers, “Oh, a pork joke, how original,” and then repeated the phrase “plastic surgery” several times, according to The News.

Rivers wound up with a cake in her face. Perhaps this was a planned bit, but the photo of Rivers doesn’t look like it. Rivers appears angry and upset.

See for yourself.
“The comedian was then seen running from the hotel with icing all over her face,” The News wrote.

HSN Host Colleen Lopez’s Son’s Wedding Album

March 1, 2014

HSN host Colleen Lopez was kind enough to share photos of her son Carlos’s wedding last weekend in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Colleen also posted a number of comments on the festivities.

The groom  Carlos and bride Christie

The groom Carlos and bride Christie

“Greetings from the island!” she wrote in one post. “We’re having the most amazing time! The wedding was gorgeous and it was the greatest night if our lives>”

Wow, that must have been some shindig!

New mother-in-law and the bride

New mother-in-law and the bride

Here is Colleen’s photo album of the wedding from Facebook.


We are also sharing some of the photos here.

Congrats Colleen. She, her son and her new daughter-in-law looked stunning.

QVC Reports 6 Percent Increase In Fourth-Quarter Revenue

March 1, 2014

QVC posted a 6 percent gain in revenue in the fourth quarter, to $1.9 billion, and was up 5 percent, to $5.8 billion, for last year, its parent Liberty Interactive Corp. reported Friday.

That’s a better showing than HSN came up with last week. The No. 2 home shopping network reported a 2 percent gain in net sales in the fourth quarter, to $697.4 million. For the full year 2013, HSN’s net sales were up 2 percent, to $2.31 billion.

For domestic QVC, on the fourth quarter and full year it experienced growth in all categories except jewelry. Average selling price per unit (“ASP”) increased 4 percent from $61.83 to $64.56 and units sold increased 2 percent compared to the prior-year fourth quarter.


Fourth-quarter returns as a percent of gross product revenue increased 25 basis points. For the full year, ASP increased 5 percent from $57.52 to $60.15 and units sold were flat. Returns as a percent of gross product revenue improved 33 basis points.

In the fourth quarter, eCommerce revenue increased 12 percent to $873 million and grew to 45 percent from 43 percent as a percentage of total U.S. revenue. For the full year, eCommerce revenue increased 12 percent to $2.5 billion and grew to 43 percent from 40 percent as a percentage of total U.S. revenue.

Adjusted OIBDA increased 2 percent to $437 million in the fourth quarter and 5 percent to $1.4 billion for the year. Adjusted OIBDA margin(2) decreased 85 basis points in the fourth quarter and was flat for the full year.

Adjusted OIBDA margin decreased in the fourth quarter primarily due to a $20 million net favorable legal settlement that occurred in the fourth quarter of 2012, and for the full year, the year-over-year negative impact of the settlement was primarily offset by improved product margins and lower warehouse costs.

Excluding the impact of the legal settlement, adjusted OIBDA increased 7 percent and 6 percent\% in the fourth quarter and for the full year, respectively, and adjusted OIBDA margin would have increased 25 basis points and 35 basis points in the fourth quarter and for the full year, respectively.

QVC’s consolidated revenue, which includes its numerous international networks, increased 2 percent in the fourth quarter to $2.7 billion and was up a hair, 1 percent, for the full year to $8.6 billion.

“We generated over $3.2 billion in eCommerce revenues in 2013, including $1.2 billion in mobile orders, making QVC one of the world’s largest and most profitable eCommerce and mobile commerce retailers,” QVC President and CEO Mike George said in a canned statement. “We credit this success to the trust-based relationships we’ve built and continue to cultivate with our existing customers, in addition to the 3.8 million new customers who joined our global shopping communities last year.”

‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Kyle Richards Sells Out On HSN

February 26, 2014

We caught about 15 minutes of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” cast member Kyle Richards on HSN Tuesday night, as she hawked the apparel collection she did for the home shopping network.

Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards

To be honest, we weren’t thrilled with the clothes, but Richards struck us as very gracious and down to earth.

We know she has her detractors: We heard from them when we first blogged about Richards doing a line for HSN. But we kind of like her, as did, apparently, HSN shoppers.

Her entire collection, we believe eight items, all sold out.

Former HSN Jewelers Loree Rodkin And Gastineau Girls In Suit

February 26, 2014

Two former HSN jewelry vendors are involved in some nasty litigation.

Gothish rock-star jewelry designer Loree Rodkin, whose pricey baubles we adore, has filed suit against reality TV stars Lisa and Brittny Gastineau, the former wife and daughter of ex-New York Jets player Mark Gastineau, according to JCK online and TMZ.


Rodkin, who had done jewelry for folks ranging from Steven Tyler to First Lady Michelle Obama, alleges that the Gastineau gals copied some of her pieces. And Rodkin apparently doesn’t believe that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

A while back Rodkin and the Gastineaus were both doing jewelry collections for HSN. But let us make this very clear: Rodkin’s lawsuit, filed in Cali, doesn’t involve the Gastineau’s HSN line.

The suit cites the Gastineaus’ Tres Glam collection, which is sold at Roseark retail stores.

The Gastineau girls denied that they are violating Rodkin’s copyrights. She thinks differently.

HSN Host Colleen Lopez’s Son Weds In Puerto Rico

February 23, 2014

Today beloved HSN host Colleen Lopez gained a daughter: Her son Carlos married Christie Beslock in a destination wedding in Puerto Rico.

Colleen Lopez at her son's rehearsal dinner in Puerto Rico

Colleen Lopez at her son’s rehearsal dinner in Puerto Rico

We can’t wait to see the wedding photos that we expect proud mom and new mother-in-law Colleen will post. Her son is handsome and his bride is a gorgeous blonde.

We’ve heard Colleen say on-air that Christie is like the daughter she never had, which is really heart-warming.

Why Puerto Rico for the nuptials? Well, in case you don’t know, Colleen’s husband is of Puerto Rican descent, just like we are.

Congratulations to all!

Miss Piggy, Joan Rivers Star On QVC’s Red Carpet L.A. Show

February 21, 2014

QVC is heading out to the Left Coast for the fifth consecutive year to broadcast for the awards season with “Red Carpet Style — Live from L.A.” Miss Piggy and Lisa Rinna will be among those on hand (aren’t they the same person?).

The three-hour program will air next Friday from 9 p.m. to midnight, televising from the Wetherly Gardens at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills.

Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers

For this shindig QVC jewelry vendor and E! Network’s “Fashion Police” host Joan Rivers will be on the carpet with designers Lori Goldstein, Dennis Basso, Mark Zunino, Bob Mackie and Isaac Mizrahi.

Nicole Richie and Rinna, along with celebrity stylist Jen Rade, will introduce new items as well.

Additionally, as part of QVC’s collaboration with Lifetime’s “Project Runway All Stars,” Season 3 winner Seth Aaron Henderson will join the lineup at this star-fest. Henderson will present two new styles from his QVC collection, which had three sellouts in its January debut.

Seth Aaron Henderson

Seth Aaron Henderson

The program will mark the debut of Styled by Joe Zee, a collection from ELLE magazine Creator Director Joe Zee.

Oy vey! Miss Piggy – star of “Muppets Most Wanted” – will be showing off her Haute Tote, the VIP gift bag she created for the event. A consumer version of the bag will also be available for purchase on QVC.com.

Mark Zunino

Mark Zunino

But wait — there’s more, much much more.

JAI John Hardy will be presenting new croco-textured jewelry styles, and there will be diamond pieces from Michael Beaudry and Bronzo Italia designs.

On the beauty front, QVC will have Edward Bess, bareMinerals, Kate Somerville and Sarah Potempa.

“We have really enjoyed seeing the evolution of this annual event and are very excited to invite our viewers to experience this year’s broadcast,” QVC U.S. CEO Claire Watts said in a canned statement. “We’re proud to collaborate with such talented designers and noteworthy brands to offer exciting products that were created especially for this red carpet event.”

Rivers’ cohort on “Fashion Police,” George Kotsiopoulos, will serve as the QVC red carpet correspondent, interviewing celebrities as they arrive and encouraging guests to share pictures using #QVCRedCarpet.

Highlights of those images will be displayed throughout the gardens via the DELLInstaGallery, which consists of multiple gallery-style walls featuring digital screens for a unique social sharing experience. Finally, the InstaGlam Suite powered by HALO, a leader in portable power, will be a hub for social networking within the event and will be hosted by fashion personality and television host Jeannie Mai.

HSN Posts Slim 2 Percent Revenue Gain In Fourth Quarter

February 21, 2014

HSN ended last year with a slight increase in revenue, posting a 2 percent gain in net sales in the fourth quarter, to $697.4 million, the home shopping network said Thursday.

“Sales grew in health, beauty and apparel & accessories, offset by lower sales in jewelry, culinary and electronics,” HSN said in a press release. “Net sales were favorably impacted by lower than historical returns in many product categories. The average price point increased 1 percent while the units shipped remained unchanged.”

For the full year 2013, HSN’s net sales were up 2 percent, to $2.31 billion.

“Throughout 2013, we successfully managed the company to position us for long-term growth,” HSN CEO Mindy Grossman said in a canned statement.

“We kept our focus on the customer, emphasized our unique content and proprietary products, strengthened our digital platform, further leveraged opportunities and synergies across the HSN and Cornerstone brands and returned value to our shareholders by delivering nearly $200 million through share repurchases and cash dividends,” she said.

In the fourth quarter, HSN’s digital sales increased 7 percent, with penetration rising to 39.5 percent.

Gross profit rose 3 percent to $230.6 million. Gross margin increased 20 basis points to 33.1 percent, primarily due to lower inventory reserves. Operating expenses (excluding non-cash charges) increased 1% to $142.6 million and were 20.4 percent as a percentage of net sales compared to 20.6 percent in the prior year.

Adjusted EBITDA increased 5 percent to $88.1 million compared to $84.0 million in the prior year primarily due to the 2 percent increase in net sales and the 20 basis point increase in gross margin, partially offset by an increase in operating expenses.

Operating income saw a 4 percent gain, to $77.9 million compared to $74.7 million in the prior year.

For HSN Inc., which includes the home shopping network and the Cornerstone unit, net sales grew 4 percent over the prior year to $1 billion.

“During the fourth quarter, we achieved 4 percent sales growth and a digital sales increase of 8 percent, including mobile growth of 59 percent,” Grossman said. “Adjusted EPS (earnings per share) growth for the quarter and year were 11 percent and 19 percent, respectively. We also ended 2013 with record customer levels at both HSN and Cornerstone.”

Earth To JTV’s Charles Winston: You’re Annoying, Not Funny

February 16, 2014

We used to watch bling king Charles Winston on other home shopping networks, namely HSN and ShopHQ, if memory serves us correctly.

Why has he become so damn annoying on Jewelry Television, here he hawks his Moissanite jewelry line?

His not-funny attempts at humor are cringe-worthy, so much so that we feel sorry for JTV’s hosts. They seem ready to kill him at times. We don’t blame them.

QVC And HSN Are Hiring: New Hosts On Tap

February 16, 2014

It looks like the two top home shopping networks have gone on a hiring spree, bringing new hosts on board.

One of our observant Facebook friends tipped us of that QVC had put Alberti Popaj, a former spokesman for Alterna Haircare, on its payroll.

Stacey Weaver and Albert Popaj

Stacey Weaver and Albert Popaj

We haven’t seen him on-air yet, but he sure looks like a jovial sort. Our Facebook friend also said that Stacey Weaver is on tap on a new QVC host.

Popaj posted a shot of him and Weaver, as well as him and Lisa Robertson working out together, on Facebook.

Alberti Popaj and Lisa Robertson

Alberti Popaj and Lisa Robertson

Neither Popaj or Weaver are listed as hosts on QVC.com yet.

Karen Pavlik and Bill Green

Karen Pavlik and Bill Green

And over at HSN, it looks like Karen Pavlik is a new host. Or that’s what we take from a photo of her that hoist Bill Green posted on Facebook. Don’t know anything about her yet.

ShopHQ To Report Fourth-Quarter Results March 5

February 13, 2014

ShopHQ will release its fiscal fourth quarter and full year 2013 results after the market closes on March 5, the home shopping network said Wednesday.

Management will host a conference call/webcast to review the results at 4:30 p.m. the same day. CEO Keith Stewart, President Bob Ayd, Chief Financial Officer Bill McGrath and Chief Operating Officer Carol Steinberg will participate in the call. The call and webcast are open to the general public.

WEBCAST/WEB REPLAY: http://www.media-server.com/m/p/wdb36svn

TELEPHONE: 877-703-6104

PASSCODE: 71945286

Miss Piggy Teams With QVC For Muppets Movie Promotion

February 12, 2014

What next, the Simpsons on QVC?

We missed it, but Miss Piggy appeared on QVC this week to announce her latest venture in the fashion world – her Haute Tote, which she designed especially for the home shopping network’s event “Red Carpet Style – Live from L.A.”

Miss Piggy, star of Disney’s “Muppets Most Wanted,” which will debut in theaters March 21, is also set waddle down the red carpet during the broadcast Feb. 28 at 9 p.m., when her tote will be showcased.


QVC is surely take a page out of HSN’s book by doing a marketing deal for a theatrical. The No. 2 home shopping channel has had many such partnerships, including one for “Eat, Pray, Love.”

Some perky QVC PR person came up with this quote for Miss Piggy.

“Naturally, moi has been chosen as this year’s mega-star attraction at QVC’s red carpet event! And as if having me there wasn’t enough, moi has also been chosen to design the 2014 ‘Red Carpet Style’ special-edition tote bag for this gala event,” Miss Piggy said. “Rest assured, both moi and the Haute Tote will be tote-ally fabulous!”

During the tour to promote their upcoming movie, the Muppets will join Miss Piggy on March 16 on QVC with on-air guest appearances scheduled throughout the day. From now through their arrival, the home shopping network is featuring the QVC Sweepstakes Celebrating Disney’s “Muppets Most Wanted.*

Entrants have the chance to win prizes ranging from QVC gift cards and Muppet merchandise to a trip to the Disney’s “Muppets Most Wanted” premiere.

“Miss Piggy is a brilliant businesswoman with a provocative personality and an impeccable sense of style,” Doug Rose, QVC senior vice president of marketing and programming, said in a canned statement. “We’re honored to work with someone of her stature. Miss Piggy uniquely understands the aspirations of the modern American woman, and to have the opportunity to bring her fierce and fearless fashion sense to her millions of adoring fans is a thrill for all of us here at QVC.”

How are you doing, Doug?

ShopHQ Dishes Up Dine Southwestern Jewelry

February 11, 2014

ShopHQ on Tuesday will be airing a line we’ve never seen before — Dine Spirit, which is a collection higher-end handmade Southwestern silver jewelry.

The pieces in the 2 p.m. show include a lot of Sleeping Beauty turquoise and spiny oyster shell, with one large necklace priced at $822.


We love this kind of stuff.

Here is ShopHQ’s description:

Discover the artistry of the Navajo people with Diné Spirit – a jewelry collection that embodies the true Native American spirit. Handmade in the Southwest and crafted in sterling silver with American turquoise and other fine genuine gemstones, each piece is an individual and unique work of art.

The Navajo people, or Diné as they call themselves, have a rich history in creating beautifully ornate and artistic jewelry. Combining modern techniques with traditional Navajo silver-smithing methods, Diné Spirit both illustrates and transcends beauty. Common to the Navajo way, each piece is meticulously created one-at-a-time in the homes of skilled artisans, with the artist’s name engraved on every item.

Instantly recognizable, Diné Spirit features a variety of Southwestern details, including complex engravings, scrollwork, floral shapes, oxidation and more. Genuine gemstones native to the Southwest take center stage in each design, bringing color and personality to the pieces.

Add authentic, handmade Native American jewelry to your collection with Diné Spirit.

We guess this dude is going to present it:

Dan Hall, “the Turquoise Cowboy,” is a well-known Design Coordinator in the Southwest recognized for his extensive knowledge and experience in the turquoise and jewelry production businesses.

Dan broke into the industry while traveling to Australia to mine opal. He later became a jeweler at a local store in Scottsdale and over the years, has designed and sold his own jewelry in Santa Fe Square, NM.

Dan continues to have close ties with many domestic turquoise producers. Having worked with some of the best Navajo artisans, he continues to be an asset in educating others about the creation and design of Navajo jewelry.

ShopHQ Live From Tucson Gem Show With Three Diablos

February 8, 2014

OK, we will give credit where credit is due.

We’ve been watching ShopHQ’s live programming from the Tucson Gem Show, featuring the Three Amigos, and we’ve been enjoying the telecasts.

Melissa Miner, Vincent Ciurluini, Judy Crowell, Paul Deasy, Chuck Clemency, Sarah Anderson and Nick Kwan.

Melissa Miner, Vincent Ciurluini, Judy Crowell, Paul Deasy, Chuck Clemency, Sarah Anderson and Nick Kwan.

Of course, we are jealous that we are not there. The jewelry from vendors Chuck Clemency, Paul Deasy and Michael Valitutti are been impressive. We took out our plastic to order a cross with green Kingman turquoise and amethyst.

Jewelry Television has also been saying that it will be televising on location from Tucson, but we haven’t seen that yet.

It looks like husband-and-wife ShopHQ vendors Dallas Prince and Vincent Ciurluini were also at the show, and Prince posted a photo of her and the other folks from the home shopping network, which we are posted here.

HSN Bringing Byron Lars, Christos Garkinos And Jose Eber On-Board

February 7, 2014

HSN is gearing up its spring fashion programming, with its debuts of BYRON Byron Lars and EUREKA by Christos Garkinos, as well as a new makeup line titled Carmindy & Co and hair care tools from Jose Eber.

During “The Fashion Edit” from Feb. 13 through March 22, HSN will premiere a curated assortment of beauty, fashion, accessories, and jewelry collections.

“HSN’s ‘The Fashion Edit’ is the ultimate shopping event, created to help our customer update her wardrobe for Spring,” HSN Chief Merchandising Officer Anne Martin-Vachon said in a canned statement. “We’ve done all the leg work for her and paired together seasonal trends with classic essentials so she can walk out the door feeling confident and stylish.”

Byron Lars and model

Byron Lars and model

HSN is also kicking off “The List with Colleen Lopez” on March 20, and every Thursday night from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. Lopez will present her fashion, accessory and jewelry favorites and introduce new brands.

Fashion veteran Bryon Lars will debut his exclusive HSN collection on Feb. 27, a line that includes dresses and button-down shirt. He has dressed women such as First Lady Michelle Obama, Natalie Portman, Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian. The prices for his HSN line will range from $69.90 to $119.90.

Then “The Robin Hood of Fashion,” Christos Garkinos, will launch EUREKA by Christos Garkinos on March 20. The collection features knit peasant blouses, a column dress and a Chanel-inspired cropped jacket ranging in price from $59.90 to $119.90.

After her continued success as the resident “What-Not-To-Wear” makeup artist, Carmindy will bow her HSN exclusive beauty line on Feb. 27. Ranging from $32 to $59, the collection features a smoky-eye palette, a five-minute face kit, and a crayon lip trio.

Beverly Hills hair stylist Jose Eber on Feb. 26 he will debut a new line of hair styling tools that range from $119 to $169, as well as a collection of products that range from $17.50 to $22 that will be exclusive to HSN and his salons around the country.

On Feb. 27 Eber will appear on the “Beauty Report” with Carmindy, where they will both be making over women from a live studio audience.

The HSN Spring Fashion series will also feature new styles from established HSN designers and brands such as RJ Graziano, Fern Mallis, Steven by Steve Madden, Hal Rubenstein, Lancome, Benefit, OPI, Giuliana Rancic, Diane Gilman, Liz Lange, IMAN, PL by Padma Lakshmi, Iris Apfel and others.

As we’ve previously reported, Kyle Richards of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” will launch Kyle by Kyle Richards on Feb. 26. The eight-piece collection ranges in price from $69.90 to$199.90.

ShopHQ Looking To Expand Kentucky Distribution Center

February 5, 2014

ShopHQ has increased its credit facility with PNC Bank, National Association from $50 million to $75 million, and may use some of the money to expand one of its distribution centers, the home shopping network said Wednesday.

The $25 million credit facility expansion includes a $10 million increase to the company’s current revolving credit facility, from $50 million to $60 million, and provides conditions for a $15 million term loan.

ShopHQ can draw on that loan “to support the potential expansion of its Bowling Green, Ky., distribution center,” the network said in a press release.

The credit facility’s maturity date remains May 1, 2018.

“The $25 million expansion of our credit facility substantially improves our liquidity and better positions us to support future growth,” ShopHQ Chief Financial Officer Bill McGrath said in a statement.

“Through the first nine-months of fiscal year 2013, our shipped unit volume increased 24 percent over the prior year,” he said.

“Improvements in our product mix, associated reductions in our average selling price, and most importantly, continued improvements in our customer experience have enabled us to increase our rolling 12-month customer count by 13 percent to 1.25 million as of Nov. 2, 2013.”

“Investing in our operational infrastructure will further enhance our customer experience and strengthen our foundation for long-term, sustainable growth. The expansion of the PNC credit facility provides great flexibility as we evaluate options for increasing our distribution and fulfillment capacity.”

‘Dysfunctional’ ShopHQ Wins Round Against Dissident Shareholders

February 5, 2014

After many volleys back and forth, it looks like ShopHQ has won a battle with dissident shareholders, who accused the company of having “a dysfunctional corporate culture.” But the war isn’t over. It’s just been delayed until June.

ShopHQ, corporate name ValueVision Media, has been under assault by The Clinton Group, shareholders who want to oust the home shopping channel’s current management, including CEO Keith Stewart. The stockholder group alleges that ShopHQ has been under-performing other nets such as HSN, and needs new leadersship.

The Clinton Group had demanded that a special shareholder meeting be held in February to have a vote to replace several of ShopHQ’s board members. ShopHQ had set that meeting for March 14. But on Tuesday, a cascade of events happened.

First, The Clinton Group in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission charged that ShopHQ unlawfully refused to hold the special meeting in a timely manner.

Here’s the blow-by-blow on that:



The bottom line was that the dissidents said they were not going to attend the special March meeting, and would instead bring up their concerns and proposals at ShopHQ’s annual shareholder meeting in June.

But in a letter to ShopHQ, The Clinton got in some pretty good punches.

We are immensely grateful for all the support we have received from our fellow shareholders and from current and former employees and vendors.

There is a clear pattern that emerges from the dozens of communications we have had with this latter group: the Company is saddled with a dysfunctional corporate culture and management structure, replete with bullying, arbitrary decision making, a lack of vision, an inability to plan, coarse language, internal dissension, high turnover and management cliques.

While the picture painted by those intimately familiar with the Company’s operation is deeply troubling, it also emboldens our view that the wounds shareholders have suffered (e.g. just two profitable quarters since Mr. Stewart took the helm 19 quarters ago) have been inflicted by poor management (and even worse strategic decision making), which can be rectified with the appropriate change in personnel.

Later on Tuesday, ShopHQ cancelled the special March meeting, and issued a press release on the move.


If you are wondering what The Clinton Group means when it refers to “bullying,” perhaps it relates to an incident that someone posted about on one of our blogs. We weren’t there. We can’t prove it. But here is what the poster wrote.

While I hesitate to name names of employees (for fear of retribution) I will give an example of this team’s unprofessional behavior.

At a company meeting one of the employees attending had just returned from having a stroke. He was still recovering and had to wear dark glasses. He was singled out by Keith Stewart in the presence of his co-workers with the words “Who do you think you are? F—— Stevie Wonder?”

This is only one example – there are others. It seems the “F” word with this executive team is in constant use. It is unfortunate that it is often used to disparage employees.

Not a pretty picture.

HSN Opens Left Coast Office, Partners With United Entertainment Group

February 4, 2014

Establishing a presence in Hollywood, HSN named United Entertainment Group (UEG) its marketing partnership agency of record Monday and said it is opening a Los Angeles office.

The aim is for UEG and its partner UTA (United Talent Agency) to leverage their combined presence in Los Angeles and on Madison Avenue to build on the home shopping network’s continuing effort “to integrate entertainment and retail by building partnerships that consist of celebrity brands, unique music platforms, television and film collaborations, and like-minded brand partnerships,” HSN said in its press release.

“We are extremely excited to be entering into this partnership with HSNi as we believe they have a hugely successful, proven, and unique platform with which to engage and excite the Hollywood and Brand community,” UEG CEO Jarrod Moses said in a canned statement.

UEG, which is a joint venture with UTA, creates marketing platforms for consumer brands and entertainment properties.

“HSNi is thrilled to be working with a highly respected agency such as UEG as we open our Los Angeles offices to better engage the entertainment industry,” said Andy Sheldon, chief creative officer of HSN and general manager of HSN Entertainment.

“Having a presence on both coasts will provide us the agility we need to succeed. I look forward to working closely with Jarrod and his team to identify new brand sponsorship opportunities that will enable us to further develop our music platform and elevate our HSNi brands overall.”

UEG has developed campaigns for Procter & Gamble, Frito-Lay, General Mills, AT&T and Starbucks, while working with entertainment companies including Time Warner, Comcast, Facebook and Google, as well as celebrities such as Katie Perry, Mark Wahlberg, Queen Latifah, Pharrell Williams and Drew Barrymore.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence To Play HSN’s Joy Mangano In Film?

February 2, 2014

You can’t make this stuff up, folks: white-hot, Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence may portray HSN hanger queen Joy Mangano in a movie.

A Facebook friend of our’s posted a link to the story on Deadline.com.


The story said that director David O. Russell, of “American Hustle” acclaim, it talking to Fox 2000 about making a film about Mangano, the inventor of Huggable Hangers whose company is now owned by HSN.

Deadline.com said that the flick would tell “the remarkable life story of Joy Mangano, a struggling Long Island single mom of three who became one of the country’s most successful entrepreneurs with her self-wringing Miracle Mop invention.”

Wow, we didn’t know she invented THE mop!

See a resemblance to Jennifer Lawrence?

See a resemblance to Jennifer Lawrence?

The online story said that Russell wants Lawrence to play Mangano. Deadline.com said that Mangano, known as “the Mother of Invention,” sold her company Ingenious Designs to HSN in a multi-million dollar deal.

Mangano is still head of that company, and is one of the home shopping network’s most successful vendors, “with hourly sales topping $1 million,” according to Deadline.com. The website also said that Fast Company had Mangano on its list of 100 Most Creative People in Business and one of its 10 Most Creative Women in Business.

There were about 50 comments, pro and con, on the story. But we found this to be the most interesting one:

I work at HSN as a Sales Rep taking orders by phone. All I can say is WHY Joy Mangano. She’s the most egotistical, self-absorbed person I can think of.

If they DO make a movie about Joy, I hope they portray her ‘REAL’ self….talking over the hosts/callers and giving TONS of misinformation about her products.

Perhaps they can get Miley Cyrus to portray Joy….LOL! On the upside, this will push HSN’s sales of her product through the roof…..and sales of her products are already big sellers.

HSN CEO Mindy Grossman was recently in LA. We wonder if her trip any talks to Hollywood types about this movie.

ShopHQ’s Dissident Shareholders Blast Management

January 30, 2014

ShopHQ’s dissident shareholder group lobbed back its response to the No. 3 home shopping network Wednesday, and it was doozy.

The company’s “strategy is old and lacks innovation,” was one of the charges, and the network’s location in Minnesota makes business difficult for merchants and vendors, according to the complainers.

It makes for juicy reading, if you want to take a gander yourself.


For those not in the know, The Clinton Group is trying to oust ShopHQ’s current management, including CEO Keith Stewart, and this battle will come to a head at a March 14 shareholder meeting.

In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission Wednesday, The Clinton Group says that ShopHQ’s plan was to increase sales convincing customers to spend more money by improving the merchandise and changing the product mix, and by increasing the number of homes that buy products.

But the dissident group claims that ShopHQ has only modestly changed its product mix and that the number of homes buying goods is flat.

The Clinton Group also hoists Stewart by his own petard by listing a series of quotes from him about how great ShopHQ is doing, when things really haven’t been going so well.

QVC’s Parent To Release Fourth-Quarter Earnings Feb. 28

January 30, 2014

QVC’s parent, Liberty Interactive Corp., will report its fourth-quarter earnings Feb. 28.

Liberty Interactive President and CEO Greg Maffei will host a conference call to discuss results at 12:15 p.m. During the call, Maffei will discuss the company’s financial performance and outlook and may discuss the proposed creation of the QVC Group and Liberty Digital Commerce tracking stocks, as well as other forward looking matters.

Replays of the conference call can be accessed through 2:15 p.m. on March 7 by dialing (888) 203-1112 or (719) 457-0820 plus the passcode 7682293.

In addition, the fourth-quarter earnings conference call will be broadcast live via the Internet. All interested participants should visit the Liberty Interactive website at http://www.libertyinteractive.com/events to register for the webcast.

Links to the press release and replays of the call will also be available on Liberty Interactive’s website. The conference call and related materials will be archived on the website for one year.

HSN’s Victoria Wieck Couture Diamond Jewelry, QVC’s Argyle

April 20, 2014

Home-shopping diamond lovers, hide your credit cards!

Looks like there are some interesting products coming our way in the ol’ diamond category (which is our birthstone, with our birthday arriving shortly, just FYI).

First, QVC will be bringing us an Argyle Diamond line. No, they won’t look like your dad’s socks. We believe they are a combo of white and champagne diamonds, if we recall the promo right. It featured a cross that immediately caught our eye.

Lisa Robertson referred this new diamond collection Friday night. We checked QVC.com, and could not find any of the jewelry posted yet.

And then last week we heard Victoria Wieck, HSN’s slightly lisping Beverly Hills jewelry designer, say that she is doing a new couture collection for the network. It appears to be higher-end pieces, diamonds set in 14 carat gold, and will debut in May, according to Wieck.

British Singer Matt Goss Goes Live On HSN Sunday

April 18, 2014

Well, once again we are out of the music loop.

British crooner Matt Goss, who we have never heard of, will do a concert and debut his first U.S. album on HSN Easter night at 11 p.m., the network said Friday.

Described by HSN as a “singing sensation,” Goss will perform tracks from that album, “Life You Imagine,” during a one-hour special performance across all of HSN’s platforms, including TV, online and mobile.

He will also perform songs from his new CD on “Good Morning America” and “Fox & Friends” in the coming weeks.

Goss is now headlining at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, and is the former front-man of the band “Bros.”

“We are thrilled to be the U.S. launch partner for international superstar Matt Goss,” Andy Sheldon, Chief Creative Development Officer of HSN Entertainment, said in a canned statement. “Matt’s soulful voice and sophisticated style is sure to resonate with our customers and I can’t wait to introduce them to this amazing talent.”

“Matt’s repertoire features modern classics inspired by timeless themes,” HSN said in its press release.

As a member of Bros, Goss sold more than 17 million albums.

“Life You Imagine the Deluxe Edition CD” ($9.95) can be pre-ordered across all of HSN’s platforms including TV, online and mobile and features three bonus tracks, available only through HSN.

Track List:
1. Mustang
2. Lovely Las Vegas
3. When Will I Be Famous
4. Strong
5. I Do
6. Face My Fears
7. Evil
8. The Day We Met
9. There’s Nothing Like This
10. All About The Hang

Bonus Tracks on Deluxe Edition, available exclusively at HSN.com:
1. Feeling Good
2. Fly Me To The Moon
3. Luck Be A Lady


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